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The killers

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The Killers. By Ernest Hemmingway

A. Summary

This story starts out as two men enters a restaurant. They want to have something to eat. After having a long conversation with the keeper of the restaurant they order their meals. Afterwards the two men named Al and Max talk to George and Nick.

While they are eating they show allot of attitude and threatens the workers at the restaurant, they want to see the nigger, who is the cook.

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Al tells Nick and the cook to go in the kitchen, where Al ties them up, back to back.

Then the two men tell George that they are going to kill a Swede, named Ole Anderson, they are going to kill him for a friend.

From then on George is really frightened, and he now follows all the orders that the hired killers give him, without any resistance.

When Ole Anderson never shows up the hired killers decides to leave the restaurant.

After the hired killers have left, Nick decides to go warn Ole, he tells him what had happened at the restaurant. But he does not seem to be shocked by the news.

After the visit Nick talks shortly with Mrs. Bells, then he returns to the restaurant, he tells the others what Ole said.

The three men sit there with a damned feeling, knowing that Ole will be killed.

But they can not do anything, because of the fear of getting involved and killed too.

Words 47.

B. Essay

What is suitable for a young man to experience, in the early years of his life, is it suitable to experience both the good and the bad things in life?

In the text that this essay is about Nick, the main character, experience a situation that he is not used to, but how does a young boy like him handle a traumatic experience like this?

In the story the main character Nick is being held hostage at a restaurant together with the restaurant keeper and the cook, by two men who are looking like a couple of gangsters with derby hats and black coats. They are on a mission to kill the former boxer, Ole Anderson.

But Ole Anderson never shows up at the restaurant, so the planned murder never takes place.

But what Nick has experienced is totally new to him, he probably lives in a small town where something like a planned murder never happens. The episode that Nick just witnessed makes him shocked, witch is pretty understandable, it would probably make every young man shake in his pants.

But even though the fact that he is in shock he can still think clear, and the first thing he thinks about after the episode is to go warn Ole. This means that Nick cares for Ole. And that Nick is scared by the episode and wants to save Ole, from the two hired killers.

These thoughts that Nick has about saving Ole are all great and positive thoughts, but still very naive, considering that he is just a young boy, how should he could stop two professional hired killers from doing their job. He is probably acting in a rush of heroism caused by that he had been tied up and held hostage, it clearly shows that Nick still is nothing but a young boy for whom the life have not given many experienced yet.

When Nick is on his way to tell Ole Anderson about the episode at the restaurant he seem very strong in his case and even says” I’ll go see him,” this shows that Nick is really brave.

But all his bravery is being knocked to the earth when he talks to Ole himself. Nick discovers that Ole does not want any help, so that he could sneak out of town and hide from the hired killers.

This makes Nick fell helpless and he can not really understand why Ole declines information on the hired killers.

After the meeting with Ole Anderson, Nick is ready to leave town, because he is overwhelmed by everything that he has experienced concerning the episode at the restaurant. And because he now has realised that there is nothing in the world he can do to prevent the two hired killers from murdering Ole, and it irritates him that Ole would not even try to make an escape from the town and the hired killers.

In the end Nick says, “I can’t stand to think about him waiting in the room and knowing he’s going to get it. It’s too damned awful” Nick is really upset of the fact that Ole just is lying on the bed waiting for the hired killers to strike.

Then George says, ”You better not think about it” with this he tries to get Nick to stop thinking about it. Even though Nick is so upset by the situation that he can not stop thinking about it. And probably will keep on thinking about it for a long time, while George and the cook might forget it quickly, because they really do not care as much as Nick does.

The Killers is a text that mainly deals with the topic, how to handle a traumatic experience as a young person. In the text we see that Nick tries to do whatever is in his powers to prevent the event to take place. While the two grown up people George and the cook are not trying very much to safe the life of Ole Anderson. One can say that Nick is the only person in the text who really acts.

The main conflict of the text is Nick within himself, because he really tries to find out what to do, and he is getting frustrated when he can not get Ole to leave town or at least try to do something to safe his life.

The big problem in the text is that Nick simply just does not have enough experience with life to deal with such a terrible event as a planned murder, well really no one have.

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