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A Sight Amoung Dreams

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The leaves fall from a distance, high above every set of life. Innocent ruffling of trees flow with every breath of the wind. Alone in your mind, you are away from the world. Instantly you start to imagine the dreams of a god. Your mind expands and you are put in a place where no one else can touch you. A trance that is so deep you feel every movement of life as if you were there. In a sense you are untouchable, unscathed. With every thought you find the history of the land around you. From the desiring dream to your life, you find no differences. Dreaming of the struggle of living, the struggle of death, and the path of which you came. You emanate through the dream, but you never apostatize. In truth you are not in a place that really exists, but you are in the depths of your mind. In The Man Made of Words, N. Scott Momaday depicts a way that the mind might be liberated. Through the use of dogmatic, eugenic, and essential means, Momaday explores the trials and tribulations of his heritage.

Dogmatic is defined as making statements without arguments or evidence. In each of our minds there is no dogmatic means for dreams or hallucinations. Momaday has neither arguments nor restraints to go into another world apart from the sophisticated one of which he had lived in. He explored his own mind with no trace of where he was


going. He experiences this by being the only one who can see and feel his tribal beginnings. In his own mind he had set himself apart from everything that existed “ I had projected myself-imagined myself-out of the room and out of time. I was there with Ko-sahn…” (Momaday ). He uses this method to get into the mind of another character. A character at which is the focal point of his heritage.

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Now in another sense of dogmatic terms, he has no substantial evidence of where he was going or how he really got into the out of body state and into Ko-sahns world. He uses this power to tease your mind, about who Ko-sahn really is. He clearly cannot convince every reader that he really went into a tranquil state of mind and talked to Ko-sahn. It was interesting how he went about proving the past of his heritage. Though in his mind he felt that it really happened he could not prove that this engagement really happened. In turn he describes every moment perfectly, so that we feel the real emotion set by the base of the story.

Eugenic relates to the development and improvement of a race. Momaday uses great detail to describe the eugenic part of his essay. In turn the development and improvement of his heritage are summed up into a character. He used Ko-sahn as a guide or path through the history of his tribe, and he directly correlates Ko-sahn as a language. Language plays a big role in Ko-sahn. Ko-sahn was a walking oral tradition. She was the first to begin the sun dance. Momadays heritage goes way back and the sun dance is one of the tribal dances they worshipped. Not only was she portrayed as the language and history of his tribe, but she


was also portrayed as the landscape too. For example, she stated, “ Her roots ran deep into the earth, and from those depths she drew strength enough to hold still against all the

forces of chance and disorder. And she drew there from the sustenance of meaning and of mystery as well” (6). He deeply transfers the modern world with the past world all through the existence of Ko-sahn.

In our lives landscape plays an essential part of our struggle for survival. It is said that we have ruined our precious landscape for the use of expansion. Momaday states it best, “ I am interested in the way that a man looks at a given landscape and takes possession of it in his blood and brain. For this happens, I am certain, in the ordinary motion of life. None of us lives apart from the land entirely; such an isolation is unimaginable” (5). We have ruined the landscape, and cannot live without it. Like his people, Momaday was brought up from the land. He states the land as a whole,“ They are not so high and mighty as the mountains in the Far West, and they bear a different relationship to the land around them. One does not imagine that they are distinctive in themselves, or indeed that they exist apart from the plain in any sense” (5). He realizes that his roots used to rely on the land for survival. Now in this world, that is rarely heard of.

In the end, through mind-bending schemes of dreams, N. Scott Momaday comes out closer to his own origin. Not only does he get closer to his origin but he also teaches future readers how to respect the land. He got his point across that in a state of mind you can do anything and you can go to so many depths that you have never been before. You

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can learn things that other people would take a lifetime to comprehend. All you have to do is expand your mind to explore the greatest knowledge in the world your mind.

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