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Alan and Naomi

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Alan and Naomi � Summary in chapters

Chapter I - Alan plays stickball with Shaun and others

- meets Naomi for the first time while she’s tearing scraps of paper on the floor of the Oak Terrace Arms

- she’s terrified due to his baseball bat, screaming, runs away

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Chapter II - Parents (Sol & Ruth) talk to him because of Naomi, introduce her life story

- want him to play with her, help her

- he doesn’t want to, wants to play stickball

- Naomi is first association with WW II

Chapter III - Alan’s thinking about Naomi, the map, GESTAPO

- begins to be sensitive w.r.t. Naomi

- window-meeting tries to talk to her by the use of a dummy

- she’s fetching Yvette, waves back, disappears

- no impact yet

Chapter IV - Alan’s tells parents that he’s going to help Naomi

- parents cry, weep

- chat with Shaun about being a sissy, doesn’t trust him (tell him about N.)

Chapter V - first time Alan’s meets Naomi in her room

- is embarrassed because of the dummy

- „monkey see � monkey do“, Yvette waves back

- Naomi just tears paper all the time

Chapter VI - the water fight with Shaun, started by Alan

- to get time, not to go to Naomi

- again at Naomi’s

- tears paper all the time

Chapter VII - butterfly bombardement

- Alans gets to know Shaun’s sensitive side

- Teacher (Mrs. Landley) not angry, guys laughing at him

- Says Shaun that he has an „errand“, goes to Naomi

- Yvette talks for the first time when he wants to go, then keeps tearing paper

Chapter VIII - Naomi doesn’t react anymore for days

- plays stickball, comes late to dinner, parents angry, has to go to Naomi

- „she’s crazy, he’s crazy“

- Yvette talks again because he is sad (am I a boy? going crazy?)

Chapter IX - Alan & Shaun at the airfield, playing with their airplanes, enjoying theirselves

- Alan can’t tell Shaun about Naomi

Chapter X - Alan at Naomi’s

- having fun by dancing, singing

- „now I have friend“, „so have I“

- „La Marseillaise � French National Anthem

- Naomi frightened, hides under bed

- But Alan can make her talk a bit again

Chapter XI - Alan gets new songbooks from the library, goes to Naomi

- Naomi wants to sing war songs

- „she was smart“, thought Naomi being his sister

Chapter XII - Alan plays with Shaun at the airfield, goes back home with him

- meets Naomi in the lobby

- doesn’t show his relation to Naomi, regrets that

Chapter XIII - Alan is lying in his bed, thinking about Naomi

- „she was his friend. They were each other’s friends“

- thought of being „secret“ friends

- father comes in

- Alan is supposed to talk to Naomi directly, without using a dummy

- Alan is going to do it

Chapter XIV - Alan at Naomi’s

- tries to talk her directly, she finds ways to avoid being herself

- „it’s no use“

- the next days he tries to find a way to talk to Naomi, no use

- Alan and Naomi are now „secret friends“

- Talks directly to her, she pushes herself under the bed, relapses

- Alan thinks it’s his fault

Chapter XV - Alan gets a day off, goes to cinema

- imagines what it would be if Naomi was there

- „felt good to not have to be Alan S. for a while, be anyone at all“

Chapter XVI - Family Silverman at breakfast

- „could you adopt Naomi?“

- „you always decide things without me“

- Naomi comes down after breakfast

- No chance talking to the actual Naomi, she tears paper

- Then she begins to talk because of Alan’s bad counting

- „hero“

Chapter XVII - Alan going to the Central Park

- feels lonely, „another grey person“

- thinking about Naomi if she’s lonley, too

Chapter XVIII - Naomi at Alan’s

- Alan leaves her alone, she plays with the „Spitfire“

- For the first time she says his name (‘cos of present)

- „I like her. I really do ...“

Chapter XIX - during next days Naomi hardly speaks

- Alan has to go to Mrs. Landley

- Shaun thinks he’s scared, „baby boy“

- Mrs. Landley praises Alan � „You are strong“, „you’re great“

Chapter XX - Naomi learns now for two weeks for school, very clever „a genius dwarf“

- Alan is at Naomi’s, she’s scared because of air-raid drill, jumps under bed

- But he gets her getting normal again

Chapter XXI - can’t really play stickball, thinking about going out with Naomi

- mothers wants that he does it, he suggests going to the big field

- mother first doesn’t want, then calls Liebman’s, then it’s ok

Chapter XXII - Alan and Naomi are going to Holmes Airport,

- first Naomi doesn’t want to go outside, then likes the open field

- they are having fun by playing with their planes, N. behaves like a normal child

- Naomi made sandwiches, Alan is very pleased

- Naomi mentions her „dead“ friends

Chapter XXIII - The Conversation at the airport

- begin to talk slightly about the war

- she thinks she’s killed her dad because of the maps

- tells Alan what has happened when her father was killed

- Alan tells her that nobody would ever hurt her anymore!

Chapter XXIV - On the way back home

- Alan believes that he has seen Naomi on TV in Warshaw

- Shaun follows them, calls him sissy, Alan is angry with him

Chapter XXV - Shaun doesn’t go to school with Alan anymore

- Alan tries to explain him, Shaun „You’re a liar!“, „I’m not your friend“

- Alan is sorry

Chapter XXVI - Alan and Shaun are avoiding each other the next days

- Alan and Naomi are having fun in and after being in cinema

- Naomi goes to the doctor as usual, Alan bored

- Mother & later Mrs. Liebman comes in

- Is proud of him, begs him to walk with Naomi to school

- Alan does it for Naomi, his friend, not for anyone else

Chapter XXVII -Alan and Naomi are going to school, Alan says she is pretty

- Naomi new class member

- Naomi good at school

Chapter XXVIII � Alan and Naomi are writing characterizations of each other

- Alan she’s a bitch

- Naomi he’s wonderful, „I love him“

- Alan oh, I love you, too

Chapter XXIX - Friday morning Joe Condello fights with Alan

- Naomi runs away

- Alan knocks out one of Joe’s teeth

- Shaun helps him, they are friends again

- Naomi is gone, missing

Chapter XXX - Police is looking for Naomi, can’t find her

- Alan tells policeman that she maybe is at the airport, she’s not there

- Naomi is found by policemen in the basement of the building

- Naomi’s mind is gone

Chapter XXXI - Alan goes with father to the „lunatic asylum?“ � where Naomi is now

- he can’t help her anymore, she doesn’t look up, tears the air

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