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Alcohol abuse

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Presentation by Yan Zhang and Yong Shen

Alcohol abuse

A friend of my friend was an alcoholic. One day, he was out of control after drinking and jumped from a six-story building. He is still alive but retarded because his head was damaged. It¡¯s a real story. This is a painful experience, not only to him, but also to the people around him. Lots of people like drinking. For those who use it responsibly, alcohol can be a part of a healthy lifestyle and can enhance the quality of life. However, the abuse of alcohol has the potential to ruin lives. It can impact human¡¯s health, cause family problems, and social problems.

Alcohol can both physically and psychologically influence a person¡¯s health; not only themselves, but also their children. Chronic alcoholism damages the brain, liver, heart and other organs. Numbers of deaths for Alcohol-related liver cirrhosis are 1178 in 18 and 1145 in 17 in the United States. In high doses, alcohol can cause loss of consciousness and even death. Drinking during pregnancy is dangerous. Alcohol can have a number of harmful effects on the baby, such as abortion, causing retardation or learning and behavioral problems. We don¡¯t know how much alcohol is required to cause these problems. However, these alcohol-related diseases are one hundred percent preventable.

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Alcohol can cause family problems, such as domestic violence, divorce and difficult children. People can¡¯t control themselves after they drink. Their body says ¡°no¡± but their mind says ¡°yes¡±. I saw many examples of this before. A husband argued with his wife after he got drunk. He yelled at her concerning house chores and hit her. But when he was sober, he always regretted hitting her and said ¡°sorry¡± to her. However, he repeated his silly actions again and again. His wife lost hope in him and left him finally. Drinkers focus on alcohol and pay lots of money for alcohol. They are less careful with their children, and neglect the children¡¯s emotional and physical needs. The drinker¡¯s mood obviously affects the children too. They often see and hear domestic violence and feel unhappy and scared. They are more aggressive in school and often have learning difficulties. They may have same problems when they grow up.

Many social problems are caused by alcohol; for example, drunk driving, accidents and violence. Alcohol-related traffic crash fatalities were 41.0% in all traffic crash fatalities in 10 and 0.1% in 1 in the United States. The cost in crashes, fires, criminal justice etc. caused by alcohol, was ,04 millions us dollars in 1 and 475 millions us dollars in 15 in the United States. What an incredible number! The primary reason is people can¡¯t control themselves very well after drinking. They have lower reaction time and become unconscious while driving a car or using machinery. There are more opportunities to cause accidents, such as car crashes, which cause injury and death. Drunk driving is a national problem and is prohibited by government all over the world. People are easy to get angry with other people when they are drunk. Fist they argue, then they fight each other. Drinking causes many acts of violence.

Alcohol can cause some diseases, family problems and social problems. People like drinking when they stay together, especially in festivals such as Christmas and Thanksgiving Day. Alcohol can help to increase the festival¡¯s atmosphere. People feel happier and more relaxed after drinking. Studies have shown that smaller amounts of alcohol help protect against heart disease. But if we over used or used it irresponsibly, it will ruin our lives. Keep in mind that a good thing can become a bad thing, so can alcohol.

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