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Anger and Revenge in The Illiad

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In the section from the Illiad that was read in class, there are many messages and examples of anger and revenge presented to the reader. These include the origins of anger, want for revenge, and cause for anger. All of which will be discussed in the following paragraphs.

First I will start with a quote from the section, “…May it come quickly as things were, I could not help my friend in his extremity…” Achilles presents a since of hoplessness by saying this. He is referring to his own death and urging it to come quickly. This clearly illustrates that most of Achilles’ anger comes from the hopeless feelings he experiences. There was nothing he could do to bring his friend back from being slew by Hector. This angeres Achilles. Proving my point that one origin of Anger is hopelessness. This can be applied to almost every situation where anger is involved.

“With anger that envenoms even the wise and is far sweeter than slow-dripping honey clouding the hearts of men like smoke…” This describes the desire for revenge and how tempting it can be. “…evnenoms even the wise…” states that everyone is suseptable to to anger and the desire for revenge it causes. The quote goes on to say, “anger clouds the hearts of men…” Which implies that anger is blinding and can cause people to act in a way that they normally wouldn’t.

Before Hector and Achilles fight, Hector offers to make a pact with him. Achilles is so disgusted with this that he says, “Hector, I’ll have no talk of pacts with you, forever unforgiven as you are…” Achilles says that he will never forgive Hector. So much so that he would not even promise to accord him decency should he die. Hence we form another message. Revenge is ruthless. No matter how many people are hurt, one on the path will do anything to attain revenge.

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In this essay we have discussed the origin of anger, the temptation of revenge, and how ruthless one can be when angry. Combining all of these factors brings me to the conclusion that revenge is caused by anger. Want for revenge is a direct result of anger. If one does not become angry, one does not want for nor seek revenge.

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