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Dead Man Walking

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After reading a good book the reader’s view of life’s and life’s complications and obligations should be clearer, at least for a time. How was your reading clarified your understand of people, institution, life and its confusion?

I believe that after reading “ Dead Man Walking” I have a much clearer view of life, its complications and its obligations. It also gave me a better understanding of people and institutions. I have realized that some people are willing to help others during hard times. It showed that people actually believe in the statement “ Its better to give than receive”.

This book offered useful information into the system of death penalties and the people behind it. Throughout the novel, Sister Prejean recounts her experience as a spiritual adviser to three men and shows the reader the process of it. As a new reader the book offers great insight and influence to the mind. It arouses to me new information of life behind bars and the procedures that placed them there.

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Appointed spiritual advisor, Sister Helen Prejean was offered the chance to become a pen pal to one of the death row in mates. Unlike the others, Prejean had no hesitation to the offer, “ I say, sure. The invitation seems to fit with my work in St. Thomas…”(Prejean ). This was very unusual, the services of a nun are known to extend not only to the reachable people, but also to those who are not just an arms reach away. A nun’s job is obvious, with or without the habit and though Sister Helen did not wear hers, did not make her less of a servant.

Patrick (Pat) Sonnier, the first death row inmate to get electrocuted under Sister Helen’s advisory, is stepping up to question the inside of the death sentencing procedures. The family of the deceased is expected to be bitter and resentful. “Pat had presented himself in a different way to his friend. In each one of his letters he expresses gratitude and appreciation for my care… he makes no demands… he only says how glad he is to have someone to talk with.”

Due to the nature of the crime that he is convicted for, Sonniers demeanor towards the events that night should be one of temperance and cool nature. Pat is on death row, as well as his brother, for murdering a teenage couple. Though never offering apologies to the victim’s families, Pat showed remorse before his execution, “ No words can bring those two kids back. I’ve been it in my mind a million times. If I could turn back the clock…”(Prejean 4).

Through the days leading to Pat’s execution, she tried all she could for appeals and in the midst of her efforts presented facts about the reason why Pat is being sentenced to death. “ The crucial race factor is that his victims were white. If Pat and Eddie had killed two black kids, chances are they would never have been sentenced to death”(Prejean48). The truth of the sentence policy adds harshness to the views and ideas of fairness among races. Other cases that harm black people. “ Prosecutors, judges, and juries, most of them are white, are far more outraged when white people are murdered than when black people are”(Prejean 48).

This all showed me that the families of whites murdered at hands of dangerous people find no wrongs in countries unjust judicial service. The Bourques’ and the LeBlancs’ merely long for an apology and justice through death.

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