Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Descriptive Paper on Non-Hotchkins Lymphoma

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Have you ever been some place that changed your life forever? Some place that maybe was meant for you to see and observe? I can still recall the date, June 10, 00. Entering the Mayo Clinic, I could smell the alcohol stench hit me like a brick wall. It stopped me in my dead in my tracks. As I rotated my stiff neck around viewing the newly remodeled ceiling and professionally painted pictures of patients being cured of deadly cancers and diseases, I quickly remembered why I was here; to help my cousin Blair fight her battle with Non- Hochkins Lymphoma, a cancer that was fiercely fighting to take over her lymph nodes and soon her life. I quickly, but gently grabbed Blair’s fragile, cold, and badly poked hand from needles, and gave her a reassuring smile that she could beat this horrible cancer.

Sitting patiently in the tightly packed waiting room, on the third floor, in the cancer center, time seemed to drag on. Being nervous from what I was going to hear from Blair’s doctor, the small wooden chair didn’t seem to help take my mind off of my worries and concerns. As I was trying to learn more about this deadly cancer and Blair’s chances of beating this horrible thing that tore our family up, my train of thought was quickly shattered when over the clear loud speaker, “Blair Vanderhof to the front desk please,” rang out over the waiting where people sat like zombies waiting to find out if their loved one would be with them for years to come. Walking through the big, brown door, that behind it, held my dearest cousin’s destiny, I couldn’t help but take one look over my trembling shoulder at the people that waiting to find their own destiny out. I quickly asked God to be with each person in the Mayo Clinic today, because I knew how bad it hurt to not know what the future held for your loved one.

As we entered the doctor’s neatly cleaned and organized office, my stomach suddenly felt like a bunch of tight knots with people pulling on the ends of the ropes. The doctor greeted us with a firm handshake that about tore my lifeless arm out of the socket. After gently shutting the heavy door behind us, the doctor offered us some refreshments. I couldn’t dare eat or drink anything. My tongue felt as rough as sandpaper from the inadequate supply of liquids. Pouring himself a cup of coffee, I quickly knew the doctor had some serious information to talk to us about. I quickly said another short, but sweet prayer asking God to guide and help all of us in this crowded and scary room this morning.

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