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"Academic disciplines "

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“Academic disciplines have become so specialized in recent years that scholars ideas reach only a narrow audience. Until scholars can reach a wider audience, their ideas will have little use.

In this modern era with global competition in every field we see that there is a tendency toward specializing in ones education. A couple of decades earlier not many would have pursued post docs and now-a-days a post-doc degree seems to have become extremely common. Lot of universities have also realized the need of giving specialized education as a necessity to adapt to the ever changing needs of the modern day life. Recently due to the excessive interest and popularity of transacting on the Internet many schools came up with specialized “e-commerce” degree. Hence the first part of the statement given is apt in saying that the academic disciplines are becoming more and more specialized.

However, considering what the remaining part of the statement says, is it true that ideas of the scholars in these specialized disciplines reach only narrow audience? Is it necessary that all the people understand these ideas? Is it necessary that a idea should be widely understood in order to have greater use? Lets go ahead and dissect each of these questions to reach a consensus.

Lets consider the issue about the ‘reach’ for a scholar’s idea. The target audience of the idea would depend on whether the scholar’s idea is totally related to the field of his study or whether it is an idea which has general applications. With the communication mechanisms existing today (emails, internet, discussion groups etc) the scholar can easily make his ideas reach any target audience very easily. If he is lacking motivation or is tied up to do this, still most of the specialized disciplines interact with people from other disciplines on regular basis. For example - a Phd thesis has to be endorsed by people in that department as well as a person outside the department in most of the cases. Further the thesis has to be given to an audience which can consists of amalgamation of people from any other disciplines. All these built in mechanisms will keep a check to it that the idea reaches a wider audience. Hence it would not be too wise to think that scholars in specialized disciplines have a limited audience.

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Further there seems to be an increasing trend to fuse two closely related specialized disciplines in most of the institutions. Different departments of most institutions are co-ordinating among themselves to have a symbiotic effect. These techniques also keep a check on narrow focus/reach that might impede the possible effect of a great idea.

It is beyond doubt that specialization does not mean narrow audience, in this modern day life. To take a practical example - People all over the world are enjoying the benefits of the search engine No one would have to know about the cryptic details of the database search algorithms involved in creation of the application. The idea of a Phd scholar in a specialized field of data mining has reached in a practical form and is being used by a person who is doing postdoctoral studies in history.

I would conclude that we need specialized academic disciplines and these disciplines should continue improving on the techniques to expose ideas in this field to wider audience.

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