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essay based on the story 'Eviline'

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Are you satisfied with your present life? Wouldnft you like to change your life? I believe many people have at least once thought about being millionaires. Everybody wants to get a better life. However, what if they had to say good-by to their friends permanently, or what if they had to be parted from their family forever in order to become millionaires, would they still think that would be a better life? In the story gEvelineh (GUIDELINES, page 18) by James Joyce, even though Eveline who was unhappy with her life had a chance to get out of her pitiful life, she chose to live the same as before. I cannot say if her choice was smart or not because I do not know how her life would be if she had chosen another way. However, as far as I thought of her life, if I were she, I would probably take the chance to change my life for several reasons.

First of all, she was young. The age of nineteen is the beginning of adolescence. Most people around this age are supposed to have the right to chase their dreams. However, as I read this story of gEveline,h I felt that she, Eveline, was afraid of failure in her future by leaving with Frank who asked her to marry him. Because of youthfulness, I believe, people in that age make mistakes during their chase of the dream, as long as they are young, they would be able to start over again and again. And furthermore, the failure could be a great experience for them. When I was nineteen years old, I went to Europe to study English. At this time, because of my ignorance of English, many people suggested I studying more English before I go. I did not listen to them because I thought if I went to England, I would be able to speak English very easily anyway. So I went to Europe with totally no ability in English. As a result, in Europe, I was completely disappointed in myself and spent a lot of my money and precious time on studying elementary level of English. I was ignorant. It was not easy to learn English even though I was in English speaking country. However, as I mentioned above, the failure could be a great teacher for young people. After I went back to Japan from Europe, I worked very hard, saved money, and came to the United States to study again because I realized that I really needed to study English for my future. I do not think it is too late to start over my studying from the beginning. Therefore, I think, even if she, Eviline, was not sure how her life with Frank would be, if she really wanted to improve her life, she should have had courage to take that chance.

On the other hand, there are some things that made me understand why Eviline did not take the chance for a new life with Frank. One of these reasons is her feeling. Maybe she did not really like him or maybe she did not really dislike her life. As it is in a saying, gone cannot love and be wise,h people in love cannot see the things correctly. However, when she was about to go away from home with Frank, she thought about many other things that made her decide not to leave such as her friends who have known her for a long time, her family that need her, and so on. And after she considered all of these situations, she decided not to go with him. So I may think that she was waiting for next fellow who is probably better than Frank whom she did not love enough to leave her family.

And another reason that I did not really object to her decision would be because I considered the importance of her family for her. In the story, she had to leave her brothers and sisters in order to get a new life with Frank. However, she could not desert her brothers, sisters and even fathers who mainly made her life harder because she loved them a lot. In my opinion, my family cannot be replaced by anything. They are the most valuable for me to keep in my life. It was two years ago; about a month after I came to the United States, my dearest grand mother fell into a coma. I went back to Japan immediately to be with her as long as I could. At that time, I truly thought that I would do anything for her if she woke up. I would have given up chasing my dream without any hesitation. Even though I stayed in the hospital about one and half month at her bedside to get a chance to talk to her when she woke up, she, unfortunately, never did. I have the same feeling for my family as I had for my grand mother. Actually, I do not really know if I would really give up everything for my grand mother, but at least I strongly thought so at that time. However, in Evilinefs case, I think she could go back home to see her family even if she left her home. This is just my thought and I am not able to know her real situation. That is why I did not really object to her decision.

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In conclusion, people often criticize someonefs decision. However, there are things that we do not know if the decision that one made is smart or stupid. I believe the decision that one makes for their own life is the one that they want because people have different sense of values. Therefore, even though I thought that I would probably take the chance to change my life if I were she, I do not think her decision not following Frank was stupid unless she lived with her unhappy life ever after.

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