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Are you addicted to the big square box standing in your living room? Are you the family member that hides all of the TV. remotes so no one changes the channel? Or are you the regular TV. junkie that can’t miss an episode of Canadian Idle, or Paradise Hotel? Well if you answered yes to any of the following, you’re addicted. Now day’s TV. addicts also include children, seniors, or bored adults. With all the technology present, people want to save time, but end up wasting all of it on pointless TV evenings.

You may wonder if TV. is so pointless and addictive why hasn’t it been banned yet? Or someone speak out about it? Well because we get most of our information from the media. While the media won’t tell us to stop watching the source of the power, everyone wants to get a grip on. Children as young as three years old are growing closer to the TV screen rather than their parents. Most parents work, so that leaves them with the non-retiring nanny which will never leave, and never disappoint them.

Without being judgmental, we can all agree that television sucks you in, and you can’t get out unless the show or movie is over, but what about the seniors who have nothing better to result to. Children move out of their parent’s home and form their own families. While the seniors unless they have a job or a club to attend to, sit at home, and watch one soap opera after the next. That is if they haven’t taped their favorite episodes that they’ve already seen more than a million times.

Let’s not forget the adults who live on their own, and have nothing to look forward to but the shows on TV. They watch TV to get away from their own lives. Or just simply watch something that makes them laugh, helps them keep their minds off real life problems. The single population is growing bigger in this country. Most people go home and watch whatever’s on rather than attempting to make plans for their evening. There’s always the answer to “What do you want to do tonight?”.

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After sitting by the television for more than three hours, how do you feel? If you feel that you wasted three hours of your life, and you’ll never get them back. You’re somewhere on the right path of recovery from TV coma. All of us should give up two hours of TV watching time, and devote it to things that we neglect most. Like spending time with family, walking the dog, or just getting a dog. Now there’s a good idea for a change.

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