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In-Class Writing Essay

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In-Class Writing Essay

The speech given by President Bush in 001 makes reference to the “murderous ideologies” of the 0th century and how the use of those ideologies have led to the sacrifice of human life and how those individuals abandoned every value they had except for those that gave them the desire for “will to power”. I find the quotation interesting because the points he brings up in the speech can find parallels to the inter-war period between World War I and World War II.

Sacrificing human lives to further an ideology or in a quest for power is something that is viewed as being evil, but those types of sacrifices were in a way commonplace during the inter-war period. Stalin, in his drive in industrialize the Soviet Union before the beginning of the war, used force to move many peasants from their land onto collectives in which they grew food and manufactured goods to support those in the city and to move the Soviet Union forward into the 0th century and to assist Stalin in his move to gain as much territory as possible for the Soviet Union and to further the quest of the communists for a world-wide revolution. Osama Bin-Laden, even though he is not the leader of any country uses the tactics that are similar in that he is willing to sacrifice as many lives as are needed to further his ideology of the Middle East being a collection of Muslim states that are without the influence of the United States and its allies and for the destruction of Israel.

Hitler’s quest for “will to power” took the form of blaming Jews for the state of Germany after World War I. Hitler used the Jews as a scapegoat for the crippling reparations that Germany had to pay as mandated in the Treaty of Versailles. One parallel to this would be the sanctions imposed upon Saddam Hussein after the Persian Gulf War in the early 0’s. The United Nations, with the full support of western nations imposed sanctions on Iraq that effectively crippled the country and Hussein made the U.S. and its allies his scapegoats by blaming the state of his nation on the western nations and not taking responsibility for it himself. And just like Stalin purged the officer ranks in the Soviet military to gain the loyalty the non-commissioned officers, Hussein did almost the same thing when he came to power in Iraq in17, when he executed senior party activists and army officers. While Hitler was not directly responsible for the damage that was done to Germany thru the Treaty of Versailles, he did use the Jews as his scapegoat and gave more credence to his desire to exterminate the Jews not only from Germany, but from the planet itself.

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It didn’t occur to me until today that those with radical visions are following in the path of Nazism, fascism, and totalitarianism. At first I thought that President Bush wasn’t on point with making those types assumptions, but the more I think about it, the more I can see some similarities in it. The Muslim fundamentalist’s desire for a state/states that are free from western influences, have a strong nationalistic bent, and a strong reliance on the state for control of everything. The economies would have capitalistic feel to it, but everything would still be controlled by the state. In many ways their desires mirror those of Hitler, Mussolini, and Franco and to a certain extent it also mirrors what Stalin desired as well. The unwillingness of the U.S. to get involved in what was going on in Europe led to a rise in Nazi and Fascist states during the inter-war period. Our failure assist to the Kurds in Iraq after the Persian Gulf War and the Afghani people after their war for freedom from Soviet rule, led to the establishment of the Taliban government in Afghanistan and to even more repression by Hussein against the Kurds in the northern regions of Iraq.

The ideology that was not mentioned by President Bush and his speechwriters was communism. I would think that communism was not mentioned because it isn’t seen as a threat in today’s world. The drive for world-wide revolution has been left behind the drive to build market economies and the creation of democratic states/countries. With the fall of the U.S.S.R., slow introduction of a capitalist economy in China, economic issues in North Korea and Cuba have sealed the fate of communism being seen as a threat to the U.S. and the rest of the world.

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