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I.T Paper

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It Paper

1. Two editing facilities that are offered by word processing software are Cut and paste.

. Two differences between local area network (LAN) and wide area network(WAN) are, that LAN is where a collection of computers and peripherals which happen to be confined to one building are connected together by a common electrical connection. Where as WAN is a form of connection between computers spanning over several continents. The other difference being that LAN connects computers only but WAN allows communication over satellite link microwave, telephone line, or even a combination of these.

. A macro is a recorded set of procedures that can be repeated over and over again by the press of a button. A macro would be appropriate when one needs to get from one page to a different named paged while navigating a system. It could also be used to do complex functions that an amateur using a particular programme might not be able to do, an example would be archiving information.

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4. Three benefits in converting the storage and retrieval system from a flat file to a relational database system are, that storage space is to be used more effectively as each piece of information does not have to be typed again and again for a different use and then stored. More time efficient as data does not have to be typed in as much and less mistakes made by having to type in repetitive data.

5. Four advantages of using a common user interface are that all programs have the same layout therefore staff will be familiar with this, so it would be easy to use. It would also be easier to train staff as layout for each program is similar.

6. For a validation check of full name one could have a validation check of text only. The validation of text length could be applied for a check for a postcode. For the date of birth a validation of the format of the way the date should be set out would be appropriate. A membership number is generally a required as technology as barcodes can be scanned in and bring up all the necessary data.

7. Computers are wonderful creations but not very reliable, at times disks can break down and viruses can spread easily at this time if you only had one form of storage for your data you would be lost and probably loose out on a lot of business as a by factor of this. Keeping backup floppy disk in case hard disk stuff lost, and vice a versa. Use the grandfather father son system so that u have copy of prior to updating.

8. Two advantages of the barcode system are that fast selling items can be identified quickly and recorded automatically to meet demand and slow selling items can also be identified, preventing unnecessary build up of unwanted stock. A disadvantage of a barcode system is that sometimes scanners can be damaged and expenses to repair them are high

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