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Learning Stlyes

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According to the Learning Styles Inventory my weakest modalities are visual and auditory and my strongest is kinesthetic. I strongly agree with my strongest modality being kinesthetic because throughout my years of education, I have always had my best experience of learning when I was able to participate in the learning process. The hands-on experience allows me to understand what I am learning in a more coherent manner.

As a child in elementary school I would always experience getting into trouble for not being able to sit still for long periods of time. I found that paying attention and not being able to move around was very difficult so out feelings of restlessness I would talk to people around me, I would make rude comments and fidget around with any objects. Consequently, this would lead to bad behaviour marks and detention time.

As I matured and entered high school and subsequently college, I was able to sit and pay attention for longer periods of time but I also realized that I learned best when I could physically be involved in what I was learning. In high school, when we were able to do projects that involved making charts, videos, maps etc, I found that I enjoyed my learning experience much more and it was reflective in my grades. When studying for major exams, walking around and repeating what I was reading out loud helped me remember and the information became clearer. I also experienced better grades when I was involved in extra-curricular activities, mainly sports. Being physically active assisted me in staying focused on homework and allowed me to manage my time much more efficiently.

Study strategies that I currently use that is more related to the visual modality are such things as copying information into my own words, because seeing information rephrased in my own words helps me to remember information more easily, and I also highlight certain important facts. Using colour to make certain bits of information stand out helps me to study more effectively. During this semester I would like to try using flash cards to study and when I am reading charts, graphs, or printed information, I would like to take time to visualize what I just read in my mind. Study strategies more related to the auditory modality that I currently practice include verbally explaining information to an imaginary person, and I frequently recite what I just read in my own words. Another study strategy that I would like to try include is studying with a partner so when I have questions, I have instant access to another persons point of view. As a kinesthetic I currently use strategies such as walking around when studying and I learn best by incorporating objects as a visual aid. For example when solving problems I use objects around to assist me so I can be involved in what I am learning. Other methods of learning that I would like to try during this semester include using exaggerated hand movements and expressions; this consists of using role-playing and pantomime to assist in my studies.

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According to the Dominance Inventory, I scored between a four and a seven, which puts me into the category of being able to use either side of my brain without relying too much on one specific side. I agree with this because I often times switch back and forth in my learning techniques. Initially I believed I used the right side of my brain more, making me a global learner, because during high school I faired much better in more generalized, non-specific studies such as Social Studies or English as oppose to more logical learning such as math. While I was doing the inventory, I realized that there are often times when I learn best by structural and logical boundaries. I enjoy learning from logical arguments as oppose to abstract ones where no real conclusion is ever achieved. Many times over generalizing and analyzing abstract information, for example studying poetry, can be very frustrating and I often times feel bored and see no real distinct point. Knowing that I do not rely to heavily on either side of my brain allows me to try to incorporate methods from either side. This will ensure that I can be experienced in using both sides of my brain so I am able to choose freely which side I would like to use depending on the current assignment.

I¡¦ve always believed that I learn best by myself because I am generally an independent person so I would assume that I learn best independently. I realize now that although I do still feel that I learn best independently I can also learn effectively, depending on the type of class, from interacting with different people and sharing our ideas or also from a more structural approach. Classes where the learning is more logical and the class itself is more structured by nature such as a math class, I would prefer to learn from clear and rigid instructions. Knowing exactly what the teacher expects and having step-by-step instructions keeps me on track and I find that I am able to keep up with the pace of the class more readily.

Classes such as foreign language classes and computer classes where the atmosphere is more light and relaxed, I find that I learn best by interacting with other people and sharing our ideas. When an entire class is learning a new language, having a group to learn something new with where each person is on the same level and no one person is far superior than the other is more comfortable because there is no sense of competition. People are able to laugh and learn freely. Similarly with a computer class, assignments are usually less rigid allowing you to express yourself and work cooperatively in groups.

When I am reading or writing I like to work alone and have complete silence. Having the quietness allows me to think clearly without the distractions of other people. Especially while reading, I find that I am distracted easily; as a result, I like to read alone and not be in the presence of potential distractions. Also I understand best what I am reading when I can read out loud, so out of consideration for other people, I find that it is best that I am alone. Many times I find that it is hard to study in libraries because I am not able to read out loud or pace back and forth without distracting others. I generally just fall asleep when trying to study in a library. By knowing how I learn best I am able to use that specific method depending on what classes I am currently enrolled in. For example, this semester I am enrolled in a math class and knowing that I like structure in that type of course I would approach the teacher if he were not giving out enough guidelines for me to follow. I am also enrolled in a CSS class and a English class and because English involves reading and writing I would most likely tend to work independently in that course and I would work best interactively in my CSS class.

My strengths according to Howard Gardner¡¦s Theory of Multiple Intelligences are logical/mathematical, Verbal/Linguistic, and Interpersonal. My weaknesses include Visual/Spatial and Naturalist. When listening to lectures or debates, I enjoy hearing logical explanations and arguments and being able to distinguish fact from fiction with logical evidence. Similarly, with my Verbal/Linguistic strength, I enjoy debates from a logical perspective. I like to express my views to others so they are able to understand my points coherently. When dealing with a team or just a group of friends, I like to incorporate everyone and get everyone involved. I enjoy socializing with different people and creating bonds with them. I feel a sense of responsibility towards my friends and to the general public to assist those who approach me for help. I try as much as possible to help a little more than is asked from me so others can feel less stressed. These traits help to highlight my Interpersonal strengths.

I have never done too well in classes that dealt with things that involve life entities and the environment either from a lack of interest or for other reasons so that is the reason why Naturalist is one of my weaknesses. In high school I enrolled in a biology class. The class was fairly difficult for me to follow despite the fact that I kept pace with all the homework assignments. My lack of interest for the subject was representative in my overall grade. Visual/Spatial is another of my weaknesses because I do not possess much artistic ability. Knowing how far something is from me or how fast it is coming towards me is sometimes very hard for me to determine.

Having now a comprehensible idea of what are my strengths, I would enrol in classes that emphasis these strengths and minimize my weaknesses. As of this point I am not too sure what career path I am aiming for but knowing what areas I have strength in puts into perspective what are my potential options. Until I choose a career path I could spend time on strengthening my weak areas so that I can broaden my career options and eventually choose one that is suitable to my learning style and that one in which I enjoy.

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