Sunday, April 15, 2012

Legalize Marijuana

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Right now, many people are being fined or imprisoned for trafficking marijuana, especially in southwest Saskatchewan. If marijuana were legalized, how much would the crime rate go down? Also, many people die from legal “drugs” such as alcohol and tobacco, yet there has never been a recorded death from someone just smoking marijuana. To overdose on marijuana you would need to smoke fifteen thousand pounds in fifteen minutes. This drug has also been proven to help patients who have cancer and are taking chemotherapy, because smoking marijuana makes you hungry, or gives you the “munchies”. The Canadian government has recently been discussing legalizing this drug. There are many advantages and many disadvantages on this drug being legalized.

There may be some problems to legalizing this marijuana. One problem would be abusing the substance. It may become like a new tobacco and people could start smoking packs a day. Should children be allowed to buy it or smoke it? Or shall there be an age limit like alcohol and tobacco? When someone is high off of marijuana, the user’s reaction time slows down and perception of time is off. This would make driving dangerous.

There would have to be a way to solve these problems. To solve substance abuse, the government could make a limit on how much you could buy at once. If you were required more for medical purposes, the doctor could write a prescription out for you. If you did not want young people to buy or smoke it, you could do an I.D. check before they buy it. To keep people from driving while under the influence of this drug, there could be strict driving laws against it, which would make you pay heavy fines.

Marijuana should be legalized, because the crime rate will go down. In Amsterdam, Holland, after they legalized marijuana, the crime rate dropped forty per cent. Have you ever heard of someone dying from marijuana?

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