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Patriots Vs Loyalist

Over two hundred years ago the American Revolution occurred due to the British wanting to take economic and land control. The act by the British is what started the loyalist and the patriots. The patriots were colonist who separated from Britain to gain independence from them while the loyalist were colonist who stayed loyal to Britain.

There were many differences between the patriots and the loyalist but they had one thing in common they were fighting for what they believed in. The loyalist were farmers, lawyers, soldiers and slaves, they had little in common but their opposition to the revolution. Self-interest, political principals emotional bonds and fear are what influenced loyalist to stay true to Britain. They had strong armies but weak troop leaders. The patriots included farmers, artisans, merchants, landowners and elected officials. During the war they were familiar of home ground but their troops were not trained. They wanted to separate from them to form a new world where all men would be equal. A place where they wouldn’t have to pay taxes for tea, paper, rum etc. Taxation without representation is another major factor of the revolution; Britain believed that only people had the right to impose taxes were people who were elected. In the end patriots started calling themselves American instead of British. Patriots were supporters of independence and freedom while the loyalist opposed it.

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I believe that the patriots had good reasons fro wanting to separate and become independent. All they wanted was to be treated equal, no matter their economic position or anything. I would of have fought with the patriots because I wouldn’t want to be taken advantage of. They had many rights taken away, they couldn’t trade with anyone else, they had to house many soldiers and that wasn’t fair. A great thing came out of this war we declared our independence

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