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I believe Edgar Allen Poe wrote The Tell Tale Heart about his relationship with his father. He never knew his father; this fostered hatred towards him, as the narrator hated the old man. It never said who the old man was either; this leads me to believe it is the narrators father. It is further shown this way when he hates how the old man looks at the narrator. This proving how he hates how his father was.

Poe never knew his father. He ran off when Poe was a young child. This probably led him to loathe his father. This loathing soon turned into all out hate. This caused him to write the story. The narrator loathed the old man as well. The old man also acts as if he was the father of the man. The way the relationship is described, it sounds like a father-son relationship. However, there was not enough information about how they behaved or interacted to decipher whether or not they were related. Nevertheless, the old man was probably either a father or uncle to the narrator. He definitely was as close as a father or uncle could be.

The old mans eye disturbs the narrator. This represents the feeling between Poe and his father. His father never watched him, so he hates the eyes of him. That is why he wanted to cut it out. Poe wanted to punish his father for never being there for him as a child. Therefore, by writing this story, he was showing how much he hated his father.

In conclusion, Poe wrote this short story to show everyone how much he hated his father for abandoning him and his mother when he was a child. Whether his point reached his father may never be known.

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