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Run Baby Run - Nicky Cruz

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Describe the society that Nicky found himself in when he arrived in New York.

When Nicky first arrives in New York he cannot speak English, so to him the society would seem alien. He leaves Puerto Rico with only $10, and is unknowingly swindled out of it by a greedy hot dog vendor. “I’d had my first experience of American enterprise”. Nicky asks citizens for help in finding his brother, Frank, but most people ignore him. The society in the 150’s seems to have been very prejudiced against minority groups.

Describe the school that Nicky attended in Brooklyn

Most of the students at Nicky’s school were similar to Nicky, in that they were trouble makers, from low socio-economic groups, and non Anglo-Saxon. The authority figures at Nicky’s school lacked power, and had to resort to calling in the police for major issues. The students did not pay attention in class, and the education a student received was quite poor. The school seemed less a centre of learning, and more a prison, as the students achieved little, and wanted to get out of the school.

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Describe two tense moments in the story when Nicky had to deal with danger

In chapter four, Nicky faces the ‘initiation’ test to be allowed to enter the Mau Maus. The child who undergoes the ‘initiation’ before Nicky chickens out, and is stabbed in the armpit. This is a very tense moment as the reader is left thinking will Nicky be a chicken, will he become fatally wounded, or will he be allowed into the Mau Maus? The scene is becomes tenser by the fact that Nicky is in the Mau Maus hideout, with lots of other Mau Mau members, making escape virtually impossible.

Another tense moment is when Nicky is confronted by an Apache, whilst at the train station, waiting for David Wilkerson. In the fight that ensues, Nicky acknowledges God and uses his faith to halt the fighting, and the Apache runs off.

What causes Nicky to change?

The efforts of David Wilkerson are the sole reasons for Nicky’s change. Of course, leading a life such as Nicky’s would have made any person unhappy and unfulfilled. When Nicky converts and leads a righteous life, he experienced a sense of goodness that he had never experienced before in his Satanistic past-life.

What sort of lifestyle does Nicky have after he becomes a Christian?

After Nicky converted to Christianity, he went to Bible College and met a girl called Gloria. He married her and eventually had a baby called Alice. Gloria and Nicky worked for the Teen Challenge society, run by the preacher, David Wilkerson, who brought about the change in Nicky. Nicky does similar things to what David did to him by radically changing the lives of street-youth with the help of God.

Nicky has a massive bout of depression while he was running Teen Challenge. What brought on this depression on and how did Nicky overcome it?

Nicky failed to convert and help two girls brought under his care and this initially caused Nicky’s depression. When they were first brought under Nicky’s care, everything was going well. But eventually, the girls regained their lives on the street, disheartening Nicky greatly.

What really got Nicky down however, was Israel, a previous Mau Maus gangster, refused Nicky’s request to come work with Nicky on the Teen Challenge. Nicky was even more disheartened by the fact that Israel had just been released from jail, and so Nicky expected that Israel could have seen the error of his past ways and chosen the right path. Nicky had also prayed for Israel every day prior to Nicky’s meeting with Israel.

Nicky overcame his depression by visiting Kathryn Kulhman, and later left Teen Challenge to start his own organisation, ‘Outreach for Youth’, which helped younger children on the street.

What does Nicky achieve in “Run Baby Run”?

I think Nicky achieved two things in the book love and inner happiness. At the end of the book, Nicky has his love for Gloria and his child, and also his love for God. Nicky also achieves inner happiness, as he is doing what God intends him to do and living in a God-intended manner, and helping spread the word of God to other disadvantaged people.

What is your opinion of this book?

I believe ‘Run Baby Run’ is an exciting book, despite the fact that the book is written 50 years ago. Nicky Cruz paints the scenes of the ghettoes well, and after each lesson of reading ‘Run Baby Run’, one is left with the feeling of power and ‘Nicky Cruzyness’, as the book gets across the emotions of Nicky particularly well. The book also shows how evangelists work, and reveals the often secretive inner-lives of gangs and gangsters. Reading ‘Run Baby Run’ in term one of Year in RE has been particularly enjoyable, as it has given us an insight into the world of gangs, violence, drugs, and how God can offer an alternative to these activities.

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