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The World War 2

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l Appeasement Appeasement is giving in to an aggressor to keep peace. When Germany violated the Versailles Treaty and invaded Rhineland, the French were unwilling g to risk war, so the British urged appeasement. However, this decision was very fatal and eventually led to the World War II, if the French and British challenged Germany for war, Germany would have backed down and Rhineland would not have been taken over by the Germans. This brought a major turn point for the Germans, number of reluctant generals felt confident and followed Hitler. Also it strengthened Hitler¡¯s power and prestige within Germany. Secondly, the balance of power shifted in Germany¡¯s favor. Belgium and France were now open to attack from the German troops. Finally, the weak response by Britain and France encourage Hitler to speed up his military and territorial expansion.

l Axis Powers Hitler¡¯s growing power convinced Mussolini that he should seek an alliance with Germany. In October 16, the two dictators reached an agreement that became known as the Rome-Berlin Axis. A month later, Germany also made an agreement with Japan. Germany, Italy and Japan came to be called the Axis Powers.

l Francisco Franco Influenced by Hitler and Mussolini, civil war broke out in Spain. Spain had been monarchy until 11, when a republic was declared. The government, run by liberal and socialists, held office amid many crises. In July 16, army leaders, favoring a Fascist style government, joined General Francisco Franco in a revolt. Thus began a civil war that dragged of for three years. Hitler and Mussolini sent troops, tanks an airplanes to help Franco¡¯s forces, which were called the Nationalists. The armed forces of the Republicans, as supporters of Spain¡¯s elected government were known, received little help from abroad. The Western democracies remained neutral. Only the Soviet Union sent equipment and advisers. An International Brigade of volunteers fought on the Republican side but had little chance against a professional army. Early in 1, Republican resistance collapsed. Franco became Spain¡¯s Fascist dictator.

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l Isolationism Many Americans resisted accepting the nation¡¯s new position as a world leader. Isolationism-the belief that political ties to other countries should be avoided-won wide support. Isolationists argued that entry into World War I had been had been a costly error. They were determined to prevent a repeat of this mistake. Beginning in 15, Congress passed three Neutrality Acts. These laws banned loans and the sale of arms to nations at war. The isolationists believed this action would keep the United States out of another foreign war.

l Third Reich On November 5, 17, Hitler announced to his advisers his plans to absorb Austria and Czechoslovakia into the Third Reich or German Empire. The Germans would expand into Poland and Russia. Hitler¡¯s first target was Austria. The Treaty of Versailles prohibited Anschluss, or a union between Austria and Germany. In March 18, Hitler sent his army into Austria and annexed it. France and Britain ignored their pledge to protect Austrian independence.

Hitler next turned to Czechoslovakia. After World War I, Czechoslovakia had developed into prosperous democracy with a strong army and a defense treaty with France. About million German-speaking people lived in the western border regions if Czechoslovakia called the Sudetenland. This heavily fortified area formed the Czechs¡¯ main defense against Germany. This Anschluss raised pro-Nazi feelings among Sudeten Germans. In September 18, Hitler demanded that the Sudetenland be given to Germany. The Czechs refused and asked France for help, but there was no reply.

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