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wild nights

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Emily Dickinsens Wild Nights

Emily Dickinson 180-186

Wild nights�Wild nights Wild nights�Wild Nights Were I with thee Wild Night should be Our Luxury! Futile�the Winds� To a Heart in port�Done with the Compass�

Done with the Chart! Rowing in Eden�Ah, the Sea! Might I but moor � Tonight �

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In Thee!An Explication of Emily Dickinson’s Wild Nights � Wild Nights

Most of Emily Dickinson’s poetry is depressing. She often talks of death and pain. The first quatrain gives me the impression she is longing for a wild night similar to one she spent before, perhaps with a lover. She then states that wild nights should

be our luxury. According to Webster’s Twenty-first Century Dictionary luxury is a great

comfort or pleasure. A rare experience that should be enjoyed (Fair 67) “Should be our luxury”, seems to say that the wild nights do not happen as often as she wishes. In the second quatrain she says “ Futile the winds to a heart in port”. She seems to be saying that her heart is set and the opposing forces or winds are useless. This is spoken by a vantage point of one who has felt winds, and declares how futile they are in port, at

rest (Fair 67). “Done with the compass, done with the chart,” means she no longer needs

scientific instruments to tell her which direction to go. Her heart is set and she will follow

it. In the closing quatrain she uses the phrase “rowing in Eden”. During the nineteenth century lovers were often depicted rowing together as one stroke in the same boat (Fair 67). “Might I but moor Tonight in thee”, when moor, to tie or anchor (Webster’s 167), is used along with the previous phrase it implies a desire to join in the way of lovers. She seems to long to be with thee in a passionate setting.

Wild Night-Wild Nights” by Emily Dickinson

In Emily Dickinson’s poem “Wild Nights-Wild Nights,” she described sexual intercourse between two people and the physical and emotional stamina behind it. There were two important facets of intercourse as described in the poem. The first was the physical pleasure that God gave sexual intercourse. The second was the opportunity for two people to become spiritually united as one. The poem celebrated both aspects of the sexual act and acknowledged the beauty of the physical. Dickinson also described sexual intercourse as sensational and desirable, but not necessary. She also used a continuous metaphor of ships and ports to describe her sense of security in her lover. Her heart was at port as a ship would have been to be protected from the vicious winds and strong waves. Because of this, she also said that she no longer had use for a compass or a chart. “Rowing in Eden” referred to the Garden of Eden which is described as a perfect place in the Bible. The idea behind this was that she was actually in the process of sexual intercourse where she felt that she was in a perfect place. “Ah, the Sea!” was an expression of herself, where she was usually tranquil, but was now passionate. The poem, overall, suggested that one should feel safe and secure with their lover before he/she engages in sexual activity.Wild Nights ...” speaks of the security and comfort of loving someone, comparing the heart with a ship in port. What is interesting about this poem is that it could so easily have made a comparison to someone waiting for a ship to finally come home, bringing a loved one who has been off to sea.

However, Dickinson creates a slight paradox, in which the ship is already at harbor, anchored, and yet she and her love are rowing in Eden -- in bliss. The poem also uses the conditional tense, indicating a longing for her loved one -- who is absent.

The poem itself is about sexual intercourse, hence the name Wild Nights-Wild Nights! There are important facets of intercourse

1. physical pleasure God made it this way

. Opportunity for people to become united as one. (Spiritually)

It celebrates both aspects of the sexual act and acknowledges the beauty of the physical aspect.

She speaks of luxury. Something that is nice and wanted, but not necessary. You can live without sex; you wont die or starve to death without it.

The part about futile winds, heart in a port etc. is a metaphor of ships and ports. Winds cant touch the heart in port. Port is a safe place for the heart to be. (Really, it is a haven for boats and ships, like a dock). Done with the compass, done with chart-she no longer needs the compass or the chart (navigation tools) because she is safe in the port.

Rowing in Eden referring to the Garden of Eden a perfect place, and making progress (by rowing)-literally making progress by getting it on!

Ah, the sea!-the sea is tranquil yet stormy, passionate.

The poem suggests sexual activity and is basically saying if you cannot feel safe and secure with your lover, then something is wrong.

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