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have you ever

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Have you ever did something that your parents told you not to? You always think that they do not know what they are talking about. Or either that they are saying not to do something because they do not want you to have fun or to have any freedom. But did you ever think that that maybe that they have reasons for saying and doing what they do? Has there ever been a time when you did not listen to your parents and went ahead and did it anyways, but then wish that you would have listen to them? There was this one time that I wish that I would have listen to my parents. I wish that I would have listen to my father. It was a school night and I wanted to go out with my friends. My father had told me not to go because it was raining and I had school the next day. But as I argued with him to go out he kept emphasizing that was raining and not to go. But me being hard headed that I am, I left the house anyway. It was not even ten minutes that I had left the house that I had got into a car accident and wreaked my car. The tires on my car had spun out because of the wet road into the sidewall of a bridge. Now if I would have listen to my father, none of that would have happened. That ten minutes of not listening caused me many problems, such as I did not have a car, I had no money and I had to get a new car.

For instance, I was out of a car for about three weeks. Those three weeks seemed so long because when I wanted to get up to leave the house or go somewhere I could not. Therefore, I would have wait until my mother was done with her car to leave or I would have to have one of my friends come pick me up. Also my mother would have to take me

to and from work. But this was not the only problem I had because I did not listen.

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Another problem that I had was the money issue. I did not have the money to pay to get the car fixed. So therefore, I had to ask my father in which I disobeyed in the first place to let my borrow money to fix the car. So then I had to work extra hard at work and work more days just to pay him back. But those were just the least of my problems.

The other problem that had occurred because of my car accident was that they could not fully fix my car. The frame of the car was bent and the mechanic had said that it totaled but was still drivable for awhile. Well keeping that in mind my car broke down about two months later when the tire fell off my car when I was driving because rotor broke because the frame was bent. Therefore, to car the car fix again it would cost me more money to get fix then what the car was even worth. Also the car would still not be reliable because the frame was bent due to the first accident. In which would have never happen if I would have just listened.

If I would have listen to my father in the first place and never left when he told me to I would have never had any of these problems. So in the end I realized that having the car accident was a good thing because I learned a lesson. That parents say and do things for a reason and because they love you.

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