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i duno

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i dunno Setting France in the 1800s.

Narrator rd person.

Characters Jean Valjean- Protaganist, Ex-con thrown in jail for stealing a piece of bread.

Monsiegneur Bienvenu His self-sacrifice changes Valjeans ways.

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Cosette A girl Valjean raises as his granddaughter

Thenardier Antagonist, represents evil.

Plot Hugo’s plot is mixed stories of the reconciliation between Marius and his grandfather, the ultimate defeat of the evil of Thenardier, the aspects of victory and defeat , the love affair between Marius and Cosette, and the constant chase of Javert for Valjean. Keeping the story together, is the psychological journey of Valjean who moves from place to place, doing good for all in an attempt to free himself from his own sins only to find that in order to free himself from being damned he must first reveal and show himself before one who has the power to punish him. The galleys dehumanzied Valjean. Each new hiding place, each change of address restores some aspect of his humanity-although such restoration is often accompanied with emotional agony. He is a whole person again at the moment of his death because it is at that moment that he is able to accept the forgiveness of others and then realize that he has finally forgiven himself for crimes of which the law has convicted him. He lives a martyr of the law and dies a martyr to himself.

Theme One theme is Crime vs. Punishment- Valjean’s punishment certainly does not fit his crime, but neither did Fantine deserve the treatment she received in his

factory. The 180s in Paris are an age where the slightest error

brings the same punishment as a serious crime.

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