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japanese vs chinese immigatrtion

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The Chinese and Japanese immigrated to America and other countries in search for money. Most who immigrated to America were poor farmers (almost all male) who wanted to find a better life for themselves and their family. The early experience of the Chinese and Japanese immigrants was racism, hard work, and a rough life to adapt in a culture that was not the same as their own.

During the period of the gold rush many Chinese people came to California and sought after the gold in the mountains. At first the Chinese were welcomed into America because they took over jobs Americans didn¡¦t want to do, but than these Chinese were used to deal with white laborers who went on strike. Most Chinese people who immigrated worked at mines, plantations and railways.

After China lost to Britain in the Opium War, there was a dramatic increase of immigration to the U.S. Their self sufficient economy came to a halt and most peasants became bankrupt and had to leave the country in order to survive. Some Chinese immigrants used the credit ticket system to get into the U.S., it¡¦s when they borrow money to get a ticket to the U.S. and they pay the person back with a lot of interest.

There were the Chinese society in the U.S. was mostly a bachelor¡¦s society and some married, the men needed to satisfy their needs, so they went to prostitutes. Women and children were not allowed entry unless their husband or father was a merchant, which was a small percentage of Chinese men. Some even tried to pose as merchants in order to bring their family in.

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In 188 the Chinese exclusion act was passed because of the increasing amount of immigrants coming into the country after the disaster in 106 by an earthquake. These Chinese exclusion act prohibited Chinese entry in the U.S. for ten years. Soon after the Chinese exclusion act was passed, there were more Japanese immigrating to the United States.

During the Meiji restoration, the Japanese required farmers to pay taxes on their land. Many farmers began to feel the economic destitution. Hawaii offered a chance for the Japanese to survive. The Japanese government encouraged their citizens to go to America as contract laborers during 1885 to 184. They signed agreements for a fixed pay of nine dollars a month with food, housing, and some medical care. They were told they could save a lot of money if they immigrated to Hawaii. Japan was ruled by a strong central government so there were specific groups of people who immigrated to the U.S., and they were able to control immigration population.

The Japanese worked hard as farmers, laundry workers, grocery stores, and barber shops for the Japanese community. The only real success of the Japanese in these jobs were the farmers, they began to make more rice. Every job required them to work long hours and long weeks; it was a rough life for the Japanese too.

The Japanese didn¡¦t want their citizens to be involved with prostitution, gambling and other bad habits. They allowed the immigration of women to the U.S., unlike the Chinese women who were not allowed in, Japanese women began to over populate the Chinese women that are in America.

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