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My Current Career

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Lately I have been filling out a lot of applications and trying to update my resume so I can return to the work force after having my two children. With that in mind, I have always put down when asked that I am unemployed. The truth is, I am employed. I have a career that has constant deadlines, many times limited resources, involves management, finances, psychology, medicine, political, catering, janitorial, and so many more other fields I cannot think of most of the time. I am a mother.

Now granted, I do not get paid in a traditional sense of the word. Right now, my paychecks come in the form of things like a wide drooly grin from my son, a stuffed bear being thrust at me while my daughter climbs into my lap, and the few hours I have of quiet time to study for classes. I get no vacations, no benefits, and no sick days. I have two bosses who somehow manage to micromanage everything in the house, including myself. They are not very good at communication, do not know yet how to work as a team, often start me on projects that they then abandon, and generally make it so the ‘office politics’ revolve solely around them. There are no meetings to discuss goals but I am expected to help them achieve what they want to accomplished and there is never an opportunity for that goal to be long term. At times, my two bosses have different agendas that I must conform to at the same time.

As a mother, I must have many skills that any corporation must have. First, I am Human Resources. All labor is taken care of by me or delegated by me to someone else if it is needed. Often, my bosses would rather I keep our little labor problems ‘in house.’ Second, I am the Accounting Department. I am responsible for maintaining all of the assets and seeing to the purchase of new ones when needed and the upkeep of the current ones. Third, I am the Purchasing Department. I must go out, when my bosses allow me to in between their workloads for me, and make sure that all of the needed resources are available. Fourth, I am Food Services and the Lunch Room. It is my job to make sure that there are food items on hand for all employees and certain things that my bosses like. I am the Waste and Risk Management Departments as well as the Accident Prevention Department. I must make sure that there are no unsafe conditions and see to the accident reports when they come in. Lastly, I must handle the Continuing Education and Benefits. I am constantly working on innovative ways to help my bosses learn new things and to more effectively manage where I am able to do so, though always under the constant supervision of my Executives. I must also see to it that when my bosses have put in a full day of their hard work as Executives, they are compensated and taken care of until the next work day. My job requires me to take my work home with me and to be on call at all times. The only benchmarks I have are those that others who are not even part of my corporation have put forth and it does not seem to matter if I have met or exceeded them.

Does my career now sound difficult? Maybe, although I do not look at it that way. I am somewhere that the work I do matters because the success or failure of what I do has a direct impact on the ‘company.’ I may not be employed in the most conventional of senses but I definitely have a career right now that is just as demanding as those of my peers.

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