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Prison Systems

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The mission of the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) is to protect society by confining offenders in a controlled environment of prisons and having community based facilities that are; safe, humane, cost efficient, and secure to help offenders in becoming law-abiding citizens. The central office of BOP is located in Washington D.C.

To be considered for employment with the BOP there are certain requirements an individual must posses. A bachelors degree from an accredited school or the equivalent of at least years general experience in which duties include; providing assistance, guidance, direction to individuals, counseling, responding to emergency situations, supervising, managing, teaching/ instructing, persuasive commissioned sales, or a combination of undergraduate and general experience that is equivalent to years full time experience. There are no minimum age requirements, and an extensive background investigation will be completed on all eligible applicants. If selected you must be able to work any shift except for scheduled days off.

Once hired you will receive institution familiarization training at the location where you will work. Then it is necessary that you complete a three week introduction to correctional techniques at the federal law enforcement training center located in Glynco, Georgia. It is here that you will learn the basic training techniques used in corrections that includes firearms, physical ability test, and a written test of knowledge.

The Kentucky Department of Corrections mission statement is similar to the BOP mission statement. Their goals are to protect the citizens of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, provide a safe, secure, humane environment for the inmates and staff, and provide opportunities for offenders to acquire skills which facilitate non-criminal behavior.

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An interesting fact/ figure I noticed while browsing through the website was the recidivism rate. Recidivism is defined as when an individual returns to custody of the DOC within years of release from a state institution or contract facility by parole, shock probation, or completion of sentence. Starting in 185 the recidivism rate has been like a roller coaster ride. It was that year that the rate was at 7.% for inmates released, jumping to 4.7% for those released in 14, decreasing to 7.5% for those released in 000.

Comparing the qualification to become a corrections officer in state level to that of the federal level are not as stringent. The state level requires all applicants to be at least 1 years of age, posses a high school diploma, and have a background investigation conducted. State officers starting salary is $1,000.00 compared to that of a federal officers starting rate of $6,500.00. Training state correctional officers takes place primarily at the institution at which they will be patrol.

The history of the Kentucky Department of Corrections started over 00 years ago in 17. It was that year that the first institution (Kentucky State Penitentiary) was established on a one acre lot located in Frankfort. The first prisoner arrived at the penitentiary in 1800.

The Corrections Corporation of America better known as CCA was the first private corrections in America which began in 18. They are now the largest corrections company in the world. CCA provides a fast and efficient solution for governments that cannot house their inmates because of cost. They currently provide work for more than 15,000 employees throughout 61 facilities under contract for management in 0 states. CCA has three facilities located in Kentucky which are as listed; Lee Adjustment Center located in Beattyville, KY, Marion Adjustment Center located in St. Mary, KY, and Otter Creek Correctional Facility located in Wheelwright, KY.

To develop into a correctional officer with CCA you must possess a high school diploma or G.E.D., complete pre-service correctional officer training, and have a valid operators license. If chosen to be a correctional officer with CCA your responsibilities will include providing security and care of inmates at all times.

While surfing through the website correction connection I located three appealing links. The first was titled Fog Technology Provides New Device for Security. It dealt with the problems and gave a possible solution to RIOTS. Anyone who has worked in or around a jail or prison setting knows that a riot can erupt at any time. Fog technology has developed a portable unit in which thick fog is dispensed within 0 seconds from a portable unit. With the result being that inmates lose their ability to see their surroundings or hear fellow inmates because of the thick fog. The tactical officer guided by their special vision equipment can take control of the situation without incident. This system has not experienced a live correctional setting but as of this date, developers hope to have this out on the market in a correctional setting next year.

The second link I visited was a website titled Why Cert?. Cert is short for Correctional Emergency Response Team which is like a police SWAT or SRT. They are highly trained persons responsible for extraordinary inmate incident occurrences. These men and women train day-end and day-out to handle occurrences with the least amount use of force when possible. They can be called upon to perform their duty at any moment.

The last link that I visited was titled The National Major Gang Task Force. They are committed to provide information within the justice system to minimize the effects of security threats groups, gangs, and terrorist in jails and prisons. The goals and objectives of the NMGTF include training, and sharing information regarding gangs and security threats to officers. It would be very beneficial if every officer in the country knew organizations like these existed. We all have said that “Officer safety is the main concern” when dealing with lawless persons.

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