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Abortion in American

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Abortion has always been a very controversial issue. This can be due to the fact that people have different beliefs that are emphasized by their own religion and set of moral values. Many people believe that abortion is wrong, but they believe that is it only wrong under certain circumstances. This could be true, but is it more right to kill for a specific reason than to just do it because you made an irresponsible decision? Because of the wide spectrum of religion and various moral beliefs, there will never be a right or wrong answer to abortion. So, the only thing there is to do is take a stand.

In my opinion, to abort a baby that you are carrying as a result of unprotected sex is morally and religiously wrong. You are killing a life that God has created within you (with your assistance of course). Just like God predestined our lives, he has done the same for that unborn child as well. For a woman to interfere with what God has planned is just wrong. If you got pregnant, then it was meant for you to assist in populating the earth. If not you would be sterile, or have other fertility problems. Everything happens for a reason. When women make a decision to have unprotected sex, they should think of the consequences that could follow. So as a result of making a bad decision, it is unfair for her to try to undo history and take the baby back. Having unprotected sex was a decision that she made and when we make decisions, we enjoy the benefits of that decision, but we also have to realize and take on the consequences as human beings. To undo what has already been predestined is to interfere with faith and destiny.

In the argument for abortion, many people argue that the fetus is not a human being or does not have life. From the time a baby is conceived, we recognize it as life. So does it not become life when you decide to kill it? No, it is still a life, but one that you decided to end for whatever reason you may have. Another thing that serves as proof on the religious level is that in the bible in Leviticus Chapter 17 Verse 11, it states that “For the life of the flesh is in the blood,” meaning that the blood is what gives one life. Before anyone is born, they are a fetus and the fetus is mainly composed of blood because the other organs have not developed at this early stage. This should satisfy the argument that a fetus is not actually a human life.

There are also other circumstances that should be taken into consideration. For instance, if a woman has been raped, I think she should have a choice to decide what she wants to happen. It is unfair for her to have to have a child that she did not want and was not a result of her decision but an irresponsible action of another human being. She would not be able to give that child the love and support he or she will need throughout their life. So, with that said, this should be the only reason people are allowed to have abortions. Other than that, just take responsibility for your actions and decisions and move on from there. We should not look at is as the end of the world, but the beginning of a new one.

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