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You can see Bird auras ..

· The sky should be mostly clear .. not too many clouds.

· Find a bird that is flying slowly or sitting on a telephone line with the sky as the only background.

· You should stare or gaze at the bird, letting your eyes go a little out of focus.

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· Don’t strain your eyes or try to hard .. you may not be able to see the aura on your first try.

· When you see the aura for the first time, you may get excited and the aura will disappear.

· Just relax and try again.

See auras around trees and plants ..

· Look at the top of a tree with the sky as a background.

· You should look a little past the tips of the limbs or leaves of the tree/plant.

· Let your eyes go a little out of focus and just relax while doing this.

· You will see a cloud [almost glowing] like image that moves in and out from the tree/plant.

You can also see your own aura ...

· Do not have bright lights on ... or be in total darkness... a soft light from the hallway or a little light from the window is okay.

· Sit facing a mirror with a light or white background [wall] behind you. Patterns or bright colors are not good because you will have trouble seeing an aura or not be able to see one at all.

· Relax and look into the mirror at your head and shoulder area.

· Let your eyes look beyond yourself in the mirror... not directly at yourself. [you will be looking at the wall behind you].

· You will start to see a glowing energy that comes off your head area ...You may not see colors, but a transparent/white or light color moving in and out near the top of your head or from the sides of your head. This is your aura. You may even see a glowing around other things that may be viewed while looking in the mirror [like a picture on the wall behind you or a bureau and the objects on it]. Everything has an aura or energy field ... your eyes are not playing tricks on you .. just relax and get comfortable with what you are seeing. Again, the excitement you get when this happens, will cause the aura to disappear ... just re-focus and try again .. the aura will return.

How to see your aura coming off your fingertips ...

· The room should not be too bright ...[example] you could stand in a doorway with the hallway in total darkness, the room you are in should have light. Stand with your hands toward the hallway and your back toward the lighted room].

· Take your two hands and have the tips of your fingers [both hands] touch each other ..

· Place your hands [with fingertips touching] about 8 to 10 inches away from your face.

· Your eyes should look directly at your fingertips while move your hands slowly away from each other [about 6 inches apart] ... as if in slow motion.

· You will see a whitish band between your fingertips. It almost looks like rubber bands.

· Move your fingerstips back to original position [touching] and slowly move back and forth, touching and moving the fingertips [hands] away from each other about 6 inches ...

This is one of the easiest ways to see your own aura .. I got a big smile on my face when I learned how to do it ... I wish I could be there to see the smile on your face too!


Blues are the most caring, nurturing and protective personalities in the color-spectrum. They live out of their hearts and their emotions. Their life purpose is to serve, help and love others. Blues have an inner knowledge and wisdom and they feel and know what is right without needing facts or data for substantiation. The moment they become quiet inside, they will recognize or hear an inner voice or guidance, which will tell them what to do. They can easily tune into other people and feel precisely what is going on. Blues are the most emotional of all the color personalities. They often feel lost if they dont have the opportunity to clear their way through their intense jungle of deep feelings. Helpful activities for Blues would include talking with friends about their inner life, writing a journal or just being quiet so their intense emotions can calm down.

Blues are more concerned about others then they are about themselves They are born caretakers and mothers. They remember other peoples birthdays, are concerned about the sick and have always a shoulder for others to cry on. They are born advisers, counselors, caretakers and nurses. Many people enjoy being with Blues because they transmit love, acceptance and forgiveness. Blues cry easily and primarily release their emotions, joy, sorrow, sadness and happiness, through tears. The other color personalities often have problems understanding the Blues intense emotionality. However, this emotional depth gives them the ability to be warm, sympathetic and protective.

The biggest challenge for any Blue person is to just say, NO! They have a basic fear that others might push them back, reject them or no longer love them. The fear of hurting other peoples feelings reflects and mirrors their own fears of being hurt. They need to recognize the enormous benefits of Self-Love and also to understand that no does not mean the same as, I dont love you. They need to find their boundaries and borders with other people because they have a tendency of allowing friends and even strangers to come into their energy field without having adequate protection. Sometimes Blues even take on other peoples energies and qualities. This can especially happen while they are helping or nurturing others in the capacity of nurses or caretakers. This can occur to the point where they actually take on other peoples sicknesses or problems. Blues are precise and clear in their thinking. From a mental standpoint they are usually in a peaceful and calm state of mind. They focus more on their feelings and emotions than on their thoughts. Blues do not like physical activity or work. For theses sensitive beings the physical world often seems loud, brutal and harsh. They prefer to reside in their own emotional world. They enjoy sports they can practice with friends and family. These would include such activities as walking, swimming and simple ball games. Because they are not very physically active, and because Blue is the color of expansion and wideness, they can easily gain weight.


Blues enjoy being around people all the time. They are very social, the perfect caretakers and helpers, always interested in and concerned about other peoples needs.

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