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Business Justification for UOC use of Bay D (B21)

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Problem Statement

The high-bay area of B is the current production area for UOC, Rescue 1 and some of Prophet. The layout of this floor space was designed to house production and test. By storing and inspecting product on the floor, valuable work space is being consumed and is hindering the efficient flow of work in process. It has also prevented us from performing more work in the high bay area. Prophet, which would be well suited for the highbay (due to large antennas) has been forced into a room that does not provide adequate space requirements (floor space and vertical space). Finally, having a cramped work area has at times prevented us from maintaining safety walkways.

Business Justification

As stated in the problem statement, manufacturing efficiency and safety are the primary justifications for pursuing an alternative space for presentation of UOC (to QA and DCMA). B1 Bay D will allow sufficient space for presentation of systems while allowing the floor space (as well as the tooling, human resources, test equiment) in B1 to be freed up for production purposes. It will also allow us to establish a flow manufacturing process. This will reduce cycle times, improve 5S initiatives and will better allow for continuous improvement.

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Feasibility Study

A feasibility study was perforomed where multiple alternatives were brainstormed by a team. From this list, several options were eliminated mainily due to budget constraints. The most cost efficient options that would least impact other projects were selected. Based on a cost analysis and a look at project workloads/schedules/needs, it was determined that Bay D would be the best option. It would least impact Chemical Operations while at the same time providing the space needs that UOC is looking for. A complete analyis was performed on Bay D. This analysis identified all the costs that would be involved in this move/retrofit; it verified that all materials currently in Bay D could be safely relocated; and it verified that all building codes would be met.


The use of Bay D for UOC operations would benefit GDDS and would maximize the use of the space. This alternative has taken all parties into consideration and it appears that it will meet/satisfy all needs involved.

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