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Communication has been made so much easier and efficient due to the introduction of ICT in communication.

ICT can be used in so many different ways in communication, the following are explanations and uses of ICT in communication


The internet is a vital part of communication of any business, The internet is a link between all computer systems across the world using either a dial up modem or a broadband facility, this is very useful in business as it is but in communications it can be used for email which is basically electronic letters which can be delivered using the internet in a matter of seconds, this can be very useful for ford as it can communicate using this method to anywhere in the world and it will take up very little time and effort. Files can also be attached to the email so ford can send anything across the world using email including designs, spreadsheet files (Accounts) images, any thing can be sent any where across the globe. Email although very time efficient is seen as a informal way of communication and might not be as effective if used in formal circumstances, and as you can not see the person that you are writing to you miss out on at least 50% of his or hers response as Body language is a key part of any communication, this is another negative about email. Email can be used for both internal and external communication but if more commonly used for internal for example emails can be sent to all staff informing them of a meeting or a party etc.

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The intranet is like the internet but it is more local, it is a network between computers in the same area in a Local Area Network or a Wider Area Network, so it is used as a channel of communication inside the bussiness as only they can access it therefore it is an internal channel of communication. The intranet is a very useful form of communication because as it is not connected to the internet it is completely free. The intranet can be used in many different ways, there maybe a message board where employees can air there views on performance or complaints or anything they wish, this way management get an idea of what employees think and employees feel they have an input in the company and are more motivated. The management could also post sales figures or production figures for the employees to see, So the employees can see if they are performing to their targets.

Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing is a very useful part of ICT, this is where you can contact any one using ICT and you can see them and hear them as you are communicating with them. This can be a very time efficient way of communicating within the business because you can contact any one in the world ad see them face to face and ad body language is a vital part of any communication video conferencing can prove to be a very effective way of communicating. Video conferencing also can save a lot of money in travel for example if a ford director has to meet with a supplier in another country he does not have to travel he can just communicate using video conferencing saving both his time and money.

Ford have realised how important ICT is to the company and the way it communcates so it has invested in a computers for every employee of the company so they can become comuter ilterate, they have also invested time and money in Microsoft’s Net Meeting software for Video Conferencing (Article’s In Appendix)

There are other ways ford use technology to communicate for example there are electronic information board on the production sites informing employees of targets and units made and any other information that needs to be communicated. There are also TV results which show targets for the month and cascade objectives of the month or show if previous months objectives were met, this can help the employees feel more motivated for the business.

The Communication of the company can be measured by the production sales of the company or the sales figures of the company or for example if there has been a mis communication in the company which has resulted in a loss for the company. For example when in 17 the tyres of ford cars were recalled because they were faulty this is an indication there their was a miscommunication in the ford Production process (Article in Appendix)

.There are also sales figures, which show that in 00 the results of the company in terms of production rose rapidly (Article in Appendix) this can be an indication that the communication had improved in that year compared to the previous year.

A good foundation and channels of communications need to be formed if communication is to be improved in the company.

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