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Rita and Frank movie

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I believe change occurs overtime time through positive and negatives on

one’s life. It is very significant aspect of people’s lives and can have various results.

It occurs when a person feels disatisfied and has a desires to move on. “If you want

to make a change, you’ve got to do it from inside, like I am doing.” Since I was a

child, I was forced to follow the paths and course my parents have choosen for me.

As I grew older, I am given more choices and can now can choose the path my

heart desires. I see myself as Rita struggling finding “who I am”.

Rita, experienced a major change in her life when she decided to created

“freedom , choice and room to breathe” to herself by improving on her education.

Her determination was unstoppable and would even “bringing her old world down”

to accomplish it. I defenite agree on what Rita beliefs. Improving my education will

definitely increase a person’s success in life to able to “choose better song to sing” .

Like Rita, I feel change can be very difficult and requires courage to do it. I feel so

much pressured on going to University because on how my parents put many

expectations on me - “Ronaldo, try you’re hardest to get good marks to get in a

decent University because someday you will start a family and you have to able to

support them by your own”.

After Trish died, Rita experienced major lose in her life. Experience is a big

aspect of life. This made her stronger and more possitive in life. I also experience

the same thing after my friend left to live to a different city. I experienced change in

my feelings and beliefs that I never experienced before and it deepen things that

help me able to see life. I able to take the full meaning -“Don’t take things for

granted or someday you will regret it” through that experience. My outlook to life is

different from when I was before. It discover myself seeking the meaning of life

and wonders what course life would take me. Rita is wanting for this experience

from the beginning - “Ive begun to find me and its great y know, it is Frank. It

might sound selfish but all I want for the time bein is what Im findin inside me.”

Learning literature will deepens the meanings of things in life and can bring

happiness into your life - “Something did happen to me, it was fantastic. Look

Macbeth it was. I bought the book. It took me head. I thought it was dead borin but

it wasnt. It was electric.” Rita’s major goal was not to earn more money when she

went to University. She wanted to change her dull life to become a person who has

many interesting things to say. She wanted to have intellectual conversations with

people and to fit in. I have experiences in high school that I wanted to be someone

who is witty , looks handsome, and also can make everybody laugh. But I found

that becoming someone else is not worth it. Yourself is who really are, “I am proud

myself - my culture , my friends and my family.” I know change can be positive but

this is what god made me and I am proud of it.

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