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Self Disclosure

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(A) A very important form of interpersonal communication that you can employ in is talking about yourself, or also referred as self-disclosure. Self-disclosure is the process of revealing something about yourself to another person, in most cases revealing something that you usually keep hidden like a secret. Self-disclosure might involve information about your values, desires and beliefs, your behavior, and your self-qualities or characteristics. You can also self-disclose nonverbally for example by, wearing certain clothes with certain colors, wearing t-shirts with slogan, wearing earnings, having tattoos or a wedding ring that reveal who you are, or what you believe in, like your beliefs.

Self-disclosure occurs in all forms of communicating, it can occur in small groups, in public speeches and in television talk shows. Self-disclosure varies by culture for example, in some countries like Great Britain and Japan people don’t disclose as much as in the United States, in some countries like China students may believe that self-disclosing, can be inappropriate at times. Some cultures view self-disclosing as a weakness or coward ness, showing signs of low self-esteem or not being sure of something. Self-disclosure is also different among genders, woman tend to self-disclose more than men do, they tend to reveal more intimate information than men, and most commonly woman tend to disclose more than men about their previous romantic relationships, their feeling about their friends and their greatest fears.

Women also seem to self-disclose more as the relationship becomes more intimate, whereas men don’t change their self-disclosure levels. In self disclosure you reveal information to feel better or to let somebody know what your feeling or what you believe, self-disclosing happens everyday and everywhere and many times, we might not know that we are self-disclosing information.

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(B) In an incident in my life were I used self-disclosure to communicate information about myself to another person was two years ago. Two summers ago while in Mexico for vacation, I was determined to find a nice girl to meet and possibly one day to marry.

One day I met this girl, and the moment I saw her, I knew she was one; she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen and I had to meet her. The first time I talked to her was at a party, we started dancing and I began telling her about myself, the normal stuff like what my name was my age and were I was from, but when we sat down, our conversation changed totally. I began to disclosed information about myself that I normally kept to myself, I wasn’t sure why I did this, but I later realized that I wanted her to know what I believed in, and who I really was as a guy, to get to know the real me. I told her that I was a nice guy who believed that in a relationship both partners had to treat each other equally and with respect, I told her that I was not a machismo individual. I told her that at times I could become grouchy and that at times I was very sweet and even that I was afraid of rats, something I always felt embarrassed revealing to anyone. I told her that I was a little shy among people and that I became very nervous when I had conversation with them. I even told her that I was addict to alcohol, something I never wanted to admit to anybody.

My goal was to show her that I had confidence in myself by revealing my weakness and strengths. I wanted her to know that I wasn’t scared to reveal the truth no matter what it was, by doing this I believed I was a doing a positive thing because I was demonstrating to her that I was a real man and not a sissy and it payoff because she got my point and she truly understood me and thanks to that we are enjoying a beautiful relationship.

(C) The theory of self-disclosure explains what happened in my experience and also what happens in my everyday life because it demonstrates a lot of what self-disclosure is as defined, and also the effects it has towards people, or group of people in different kinds of situations and places.

In my case I self-disclose myself to another person in order reveal my beliefs, values and desires, my behavior, and my self-qualities, I wanted to explain what I wanted with my life. I think I self-disclose information in a positive way, because it made a good impression about myself and also I self-disclose negative information about myself in order to demonstrate that I accepted my weaknesses and that I wasn’t perfect. I also believe that self-disclosure explains what happens in my life, because everyday I disclose information to people, although it may not be as intimate or secretive all the time. I do it everyday to get a point across and that is to communicate to others freely and to get my point perfectly understood. As I got to know her better, I became more sociable and extroverted and in a way this made me self-disclose more to this special person. I couldn’t of picked another theory for interpersonal communication; this theory fully explains what happen during that incident and what happens everyday in my life.

(D) The theory of self-disclosure is important because being competent makes me have a greater self-confidence and makes me reveal more positive things, and with more self-confidence you become a better person. Showing more self-disclosure makes me more willing to risk possible negative reactions, self-disclosing myself has made me a better person, I have lost my shyness towards other people and I’ve become a positive thinker.

Using self-disclosure helped me increase my self-knowledge, communication and relationship effectiveness, and physiological well-being. With greater self-knowledge I have gained a new perspective on myself, a deeper understanding of my own behavior, through self-confidence and I have gotten into a better position to see my positive responses. Self-disclosure helped me meet the nicest girl in the world, and by self-disclosing my hidden information, I won this girls hearth. If you want to be recognized and have good self-confidence, you have to be willing to disclose information about yourself to others so they fully can understand, who you are and what you believe in.

Being self-disclosure or when someone discloses you is sign of trust and affection, it demonstrates that you are a peoples person and that is a plus these days. It is also proven that if you self-disclose you are less vulnerable to illnesses. If you self-disclose your information you feel good about yourself, because you let out some kind of information that probably worried you and now you feel better that you let it out. And because of this self-disclosure has helped me solved many problems, when I needed help for something or was not sure what to do. I self-disclosed myself, and I received information that really helped me out, and that changed my life

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