Thursday, July 12, 2012

Su Friedrich's Sink or Swim

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The dynamics of a particular father daughter relationship are explored through the media of black and white film in Su Friedrich’s Sink or Swim. The piece consists almost entirely of short narratives of scenes starting from her early childhood on up through her adult life. Interwoven are breaks from the autobiography to the biography of the father’s childhood. The entire dialog is a voice over which emphasizes the biographical nature of the piece. An interesting break in this was when the narrative was taken over by the typewriter in which a letter is being written to the father.

The story begins with the exploration of the daughter’s childhood experiences and her oblivion to the family problems that would later be presented to us. This is most exemplified by the narrative retelling a story where the mother had her two daughters on the roof and was threatening the father with their suicide if he didn’t come back to them. The daughter felt the urge to wave hello to her father, but was confused as to why her mother stopped her from waving. As the daughter grows older the story follows the relationships of the family as it splits apart and shows various reasons as to why. The daughter takes the burden to herself and internalizes the problems as if it she were the reason her father left.

After their separation and the father’s remarriage the daughter gets an opportunity to spend time together exclusively on a trip to Mexico. The trip to Mexico shows how both father and daughter perceive the same events in drastically different ways. The evolving dynamics of the personal relationship between the father and daughter is a consistent theme thought the work as she grows older and the story progresses. This aspect culminates in the self-reflection of seeing herself with her father in the relationship of her father and his new daughter with his last wife.

The very flowing, grainy imagery stands out to me as a good correlation with the memory of a young child and the progression through life. The opposite being the static, sharp focused typewriter near the end when the narrative stops and is taken over by the adult daughter writing a letter to her absent father.

Another aspect of the film that stands out to me is the connection of the title, the stories revolving around water, and the father’s loss of a sister by drowning. I think the symbolism of crossing the lake as a physical metaphor for a way to more completely understand her father was very well done. Despite the fact she didn’t make it across we still get a sense of acceptance and almost closer both from the calmness in her voice when talking about it and the fact that she seemed to overcome her fear of the water moccasins.

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