Friday, August 10, 2012

Conflicts in Modern Films

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I watched the movie Speed. The two main contexts that came into play were good vs. bad and man vs. time. The good vs. bad is Keanu Reeves character Jack; the cop against Dennis Hoppers character a man who wants a large amount of money that he feels is owed to him and is putting bombs in places and blowing things up so he can get his money.

The man vs. time conflict is also part of the good vs. bad, the good; a Jack is racing the clock that Hopper’s character had set to get the people out of the elevator before Hopper’s character blows the emergency brake and the elevator full of people plummets thirty floors to the ground. But the challenge is that Hopper’s character knows that the police are there and might try and get the people out of the elevator. So the cops are racing against a clock that they have no idea when the time will be up. Jack figures that Hoppers character will jump the gun and blow the emergency break any ways. So he attaches a crane to the elevator just in time as Hopper’s character hears this from his hiding place and detonates the bomb, but Jack’s quick thinking keeps the elevator from falling all the way at once and they are able to save the people in the elevator.

The next major thing that happens is that Jack is getting coffee and a bus blows up. A phone starts to ring and Jack answers it, it turns out to be the bomber, who they thought was dead. He tells Jack that there is a bomb on a city bus that will be armed when the bus goes over 50 MPH and then if it goes below

50 MPH it will detonate. Jack has to race and find the bus and hope that it hasnt gone over 50 MPH. When he finds it he trys to tell the driver that there is a bomb on the bus. While unsuccessful at keeping them below 50 Jack has to get on the bus and figure out how to get the people off of the bus without

Hopper’s character finding out because he said no one can get off or he will blow it up. The bad thing is that the TV. companies are broadcasting what is happening on television so the bomber can see what they are going to happen, he also has a camera on the bus so he can see what is happening on the bus. Jack is racing against time to get the people off of the bus. They figure to use a closed- circuit feed and loop a tape so that the bomber thinks that they arent doing anything on the bus when they are all really trying to get off the bus. In the end he figures out that they were getting people off the bus and blows it up but thankfully they were all off safely. The conflict of good vs. bad is resolved when Jack and the Bomber are face to face on the subway and are fighting it out. Good vs. Bad. They fight and eventually the bad looses out and dies and then both conflicts of good vs. bad and man vs. time are resolved.

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