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The Crucible and “The Lottery” have some similarities and many differences. While The Crucible is a four - act play and “The Lottery” is about a four page short story, they have some things in common. While they both are based on a society in a small town, there are a number of differences between them. The similarities, differences, and examples of each will be compared and contrasted in the following paragraphs.

There are a number of differences between The Crucible and “The Lottery.” One such difference is the overall mood of the town. In The Crucible there was mass hysteria throughout Salem because everyone could have been suspected of being a witch or a partner with the devil. In “The Lottery” everybody in the village was calm and tranquil because the lottery was a normal thing in their society that they had done every year of their lives. Another difference is the setting of the two stories. “The Lottery” had a bright, pretty, and sunny setting, with “the flowers blossoming profusely and the grasses richly green.” The Crucible, however, had a dark and gloomy setting, with the livestock and crops dying and the people wearing dull clothes. Yet another big contrast between the two is the involvement of religion. While The Crucible was based on the Puritan religion and theocracy, “The Lottery” had no mention of religion in the story. These three are a few of the dissimilarities between these stories.

There are some likenesses amidst all of these differences. One similarity is the tradition that both the stories show. The Crucible shows the rich tradition in the Puritan church and society, and “The Lottery” is a yearly tradition that has been going on for very many years. Another likeness is in the uncertainty of the citizens of who will be prosecuted or killed next.

“The Lottery” was just a random act that nobody knew who would ultimately die, as in The Crucible so many people have been prosecuted that everyone is a suspect and nobody is sure that they themselves would not be prosecuted. These stories both have a very public place where people are killed or hanged. The suspected witches in The Crucible were hanged in front of the townspeople in the middle of the town, and the “winner” of the lottery was stoned to death by his fellow townspeople. These are a few similarities within these stories.

There are some more differences between the two tales, such as the support of their neighbors. In The Crucible, mostly toward the end, the citizens began to unite and support the people being hung. However, in “The Lottery,” there was no support for the damned person, for their neighbors were the ones doing the killing. Also, in “The Lottery” the person who died did not die for a reason or with respect. The people who died in The Crucible died for their pride and would not confess to something that they did not do and therefore died with respect. Finally, one last difference is in the driving force of each. The lottery’s driving force was the tradition that there was always a lottery and people took it for granted as a usual day. The Crucible was driven by the abuse of power of the judges and the girls.

As you can see, these two stories can be both similar and dissimilar in many different ways. The short length of “The Lottery” did not make it hard to find some similarities with The Crucible, although differences between the two were more abundant. In conclusion, each story has things in common with each other, while at the same time having several diverse ideas.

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