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Do actions really speak stronger than words?

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Do actions really speak stronger than words?

Most people find actions speak louder the words, but do they really? In William Shakespeares Julius Caesar Antonys words spoke louder then any of his actions. When he spoke at Caesars funeral, he was able to use his emotions and beliefs to his advantage. The major theme of his speech was Brutus and Cassius. Antony wanted the crowd of Romans to know their intentions of killing Caesar. He stressed how unhonorable Brutus was in his intentions of killing Caesar. Due to Antonys persuasive speech, he was able to cause the destruction of Brutus and Cassius. By the end of Brutuss speech at Caesars funeral, he had the crowds support. They were cheering along with him and truly felt his side. No one would have thought they would change their opinions until Antony took the podium. He stated right from the start I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him (..81). As he began talking about how honorable Brutus is, no reader would have seen this change of heart coming. He stressed Brutus being an honorable man, in a way for the crowd to see he wasnt. By using this form of reverse psychology he was able to get the crowd to really see how unhonorable Brutus was to Caesar. This led the crowd to turn against Brutus, Cassius and their partners in crime. As soon as the crowd finished listening to Antonys speech, they were enraged with the conspirators. Brutus and Cassius fled from Rome in order to protect themselves. In hiding, they camped out and their friendship slowly began to go downhill. A fight broke out between them that really tested their friendship. Here Brutus realized Cassius true intentions The name of Cassius honors this corruption. (4..16). Their fight went on and included personal and political insults against each other. If Antony hadnt given his speech, the Romans would have never realized what these men really did. Without the disprovement of the Romans they would never had gotten into this situation. Would Brutus have ever figured out the true intentions of Cassius and the rest of the conspirators if Antony hadnt brought them to this point? Guilt can be one of the hardest emotions to store. Brutus had the guilt of killing one of his friends ever since Antonys speech. It caused him to realize what he did really was wrong. O Julius Caesar, thou art mighty yet! (4..105). Here he states even though Caesar is gone he is still and will always be a powerful influence. The way Brutus handled this guilt of killing Caesar was killing himself. The destruction he caused on himself, suicide was brought on by the speech. Brutus might have not ever realized the harmful crime he really committed without Antonys strong speech. The influence of a persons word can lead to a number of things. Without Antonys speech, Brutus could have had a whole different future ahead of him. As soon as Antony finished speaking, he had the Roman people already on his side ready to fight. Two very good friends were able to turn on each other quickly without anything really to even fight about. Although the speech led to a bump in the friendship of Cassius and Brutus, they were still able to remain friends in the end. The most powerful result of Antonys speech was the death of Brutus. He was able to take his own life because of someones powerful words. For these reasons, it can be believed that words really do speak louder then actions.

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