Friday, August 3, 2012

My friend in the mirror

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Acceptance plays an incredible role in all facets of existance. From work to school, sport to security, all require a level of acceptance from others in order to work or play efficiantly. You may not realise it but the most important area in which acceptance is required isnt in workplace, or at school, but in the bathroom.

You may think from what ive written that i have some issues with going to the toilet, but what i was refering too is accepting the man in the mirror Yourself.

Not matter how outgoing, friendly, beautiful and successful one is, unless one is content with themselves, they can NEVER be happy (no matter how much they try to tell you or themselves that they are).

To fully understand acceptance we firstly must come to understand and appreciate the very many, many, many, many, many, many, dimensions of the human psych. We must come to love and cherish the many intricate dimensions of individuality that are a part of the core to our selves. The self itself is generally breoken up into

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The novel Cloudstreet, written by Tim Winton, is a powerfulL, moving and epic tale of two separate dysfunctional families and the hardships of life they are put through. The families, the Lambs and the Pickles, go through different situations however, end up both moving to Subiaco to escape and star

The story follows the lives of the Pickle family and the Lamb family and how they have come to grow, develop, love and change over a period of twenty years, while living with each other.

The best wa y to talk to you friends is to come in and write a 50 word essay about stuff just so you can get on the internet to find a friggen synopsis for cloud street. Ive looked every where but to no avail. Ok now if this isnt good enough im going to be a chop and come to karate your buch assssessss

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