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formation of norfolk

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Formation of Norfolk island

Norfolk island is a small volcanic island situated in the south west pacific ocean .Its position is 0 south and 16757 east. There are two more islands next to Norfolk one is called Phillip and the other Nepean the smallest one. Norfolk island and the other surrounding island are remains and still are dead large volcano which was developed on the submarine ride called the Norfolk ridge . .1 to . million years ago



Volcanic activity in the prehistoric periods cased 4 layers of lava to form a small island this process happened in phases. Mt pit and Mt bates were the tow main volcanic vents.

Philip and Nepean are composed from tufts and ashes, was formed during 160,000 year period of volcanism which ended about .6 million years ago. During the ice age the sea rose 00m covering the majority of the island to be submerged also casing erosion.


Norfolks soils are important for use of crop plantain and live stock for avoiding high import prices.

Soil quality on Norfolk island is reasonable for agriculture the best place with the best soils are steels point and Duncome bay with a soft clay providing good fertile soil. Drier soils are found in the Mountain areas.

The soils on Norfolk are made up of 11 soil types five of those eleven are part of krazonem a great soil group 10 of them are volcanic soil is more most in winter.

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