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War is the answer

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War is the answer.

Iraq has the power to kill many innocent people. Iraq has always had their problems with America before, but this time it seems that they have cought the attention of the entire world. They have been under suspicion of making weapons of mass destruction for quite some time now and are currently being investigated. America has stated that they have proof that Iraq is making weapons of mass destruction and want to take immediate action. We should stop them before they gain more power.

This is not the first time that Iraq has been accused of making

weapons of mass destruction. Afew years ago the U.N. sent in

inspectors to search for the weapons. After a month or so Iraq

kicked the inspectors out. The U.N. still isnt sure why they were

kicked out, maybe because they were getting too close to

uncovering Iraqs hidden weapon cache. This is one reason that

America believes that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction.

America had also stated that they have satellite pictures of

large shipment loads from multiple weapon construction sites

before the inspectors came to investigate the areas which could

mean that Iraq moved the weapons to places of hiding while the

inspectors were investigating the weapon facilities. This shows

that Iraq was trying to hide something from the inspectors, and

it seems as if when the inspectors were getting too close to the

weapons cache and that is why they were thrown out.

Iraq has also been accused of hiding Al-Qaeda members within

their country. This could mean that Iraq could be connected with

the -11 attacks on America, and if not they are giving refuge to

the terrorists that have caused great destruction on our country.

If in fact they are connected to the Al-Qaeda this would be a

definate reason for us to attack them due to their actions upon

us.Iraqs effortless help has also strained the relations with

America which makes it almost seem as if they dont care about

Americas attempts at stopping the terrorist orginization. Iraq will

not let our agents into their country to do an investigation upon

this matter which is further evidence against them. Iraq wont

even give us a simple request to hold an investigation which also

leads us to believe that they may be giving the terrorists refuge,

this alone would be grounds for an attack.

Iraqs leader Suddam Hussein has recently released new

information stating that they have destroyed 6 of their missles

which were considered weapons of mass destruction. This is

quite confusing considering Suddam Hussein has stated many

times before that Iraq contained no weapons of mass

destruction. Saddam Hussein has put himself in a Catch-,

Mr. Fleischer said. Why does he keep finding things he said he

never, ever had?1 stated Mr. Fleischer, a man of the US

senate. If Iraq had never had weapons of mass destruction then

where did the 6 missles they destoryed come from, and what

about the others they say they are going to destroy. This shows

that Iraq has been lying to the entire world and have been

cought so are now trying to play games with us. This shows

deception and that Suddam Hussein can not be trusted. This is

also a good reason why war with Iraq would be a good idea.

The main idea of this paper shows that Iraq has done many serious things which are grounds for war. Knowing now that they do have weapons of mass destruction and may have the intent of using them would be plenty reason to go to war with them. This could decide the fate of endless lives, yours, mine, and many others we may never meet due to their actions. Iraq should be stopped before they become to powerful, they should be stopped while they still can. Hopefully America and the many other countrys will fallow in the war against Iraq and these problems will be solved before they can get too far out of hand.

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