Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Internet Relationships

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Internet Relationships

The Internet is changing the way people communicate with one another, helping people to become more confident. With the new confidence it is easier for the “shy to be outgoing, and ‘nerdy’ sophisticated”(Turkle 7). Through the Internet came the creation of windows, allowing people to play with different personalities at the same time, permits the person to create as many identities as they feel needed.

Due to the Internet, many people have created a new confidence in themselves knowing they can act in any sort of way and not see the reaction of others. This new confidence has helped people to become comfortable enough with themselves for online dating. Online dating helps alleviate the fears of rejection in some, allowing those people to share more about themselves and create more in depth relationships. Although it may alleviate the fears for some, others feel the need to embellish themselves a little bit to appear more attractive or intelligent to others online. While it seems that being online is bad, it is good for people like Meghan Daum, author of Virtual Love, who have fears of talking to people face to face or even on the telephone. Being online, is able to “provide a useful antidote for communication anxieties”(Daum 55). Unfortunately in some cases, it is taken to far. In the case of Daum, the Internet and her new confidence from online dating became everything, “there was no outdoors, no social life, no weather… only the computer screen” (57). Luckily enough Daum was able to realize that she “ had invested so heavily in a made-up character” (57) and got out of the relationship. While the Internet helped Meghan to gain confidence as a person, it failed to fix her problem and did not relieve her anxieties for facing people face to face.

Through the Internet, many people have gained confidence, whether it was through their natural selves or the character they made up. With the invention of windows, communication with one another has been affected. “Windows suggests a distributed self that exists in many worlds and play many roles at the same time” (Turkle 7). People are now using windows to play with different parts of themselves to fit their different moods. “I’m different in different chats they bring out different things in me”(7). Windows plays people personalities and their identity roles creating personalities disorders.

Through the Internet, many people have changed themselves. Some gian confidence and are able to date online, while most end up creating alternate personalities. However, online dating did not help to alleviate the fears of those that are afraid of face to face contact with others. Online dating helped people to act anyway they wanted that reflected their mood not having to see the affect of this first hand. Windows helped through this because people were able to act out the personalities they felt needed for that time period.

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